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SS23: The Utopian

Trend Direction: Midcentury Portal

«  Into the time-machine  »

For SS23 the design direction midcentury portal generates an elevated and contemporary look that adapts to today’s modern commuters. Intentional design with an intellectual edge is key here. By building a retro-futurist universe, designs reflect on current space-race re,iniscence and give a positive outlook of the future , inspired by the past. Powerful tailoring staples are introduced with a distinct retro feel. Polo collars, 70s-inspired shapes, knitwear staples and a focus on geometric linears are crucial here. Design is pushed through a warp filter now for a more edgy and psychedelic look. Results maight include surrealist detailing, visual-illusion prints and hallucigenic, trompe-l’oeil effects etc. 


Color & Material

Assortment: Key Products

Key Looks

Paul Smith

Marco Rambaldi





Cplus Series

Gabriela Hearst

Rejina Pyo


Trend Direction: Mesmerizing Springs

«  Spiritual Beings »

As humans we are beginning to redefine our own species. Developing an understanding of materials, bodies, the soul and mother nature is more important than ever. Conceptually, the rebirth of humans surfaces shells, stones and glass as fresh and unexpected materials. Intimate ideas mean to focus on surface, texture and materiality as well. Iridiscent and shimmering fabrics capture the spiritual element of the theme and open a portal to deeper dimensions. Sheers are opposing the ideas of clothes as a cover-up, but instead push for more liberating ideas regarding the body. Redefining silhouettes and shape results in gatherings, deconstructions and un-expected cut-outs that embrace this all-incorporating beauty as well. Design-wise, fluid silhouettes like slip skirts and dresses, bustiers or bralettes, celebrating femininity, and playing with harmonious layers transfers this concept into collection-ready product. 


Color & Material

Assortment: Key Products

Key Looks

Private Policy



Bronx & Branco


Jonathan Simkai

St John



Ester Manas

Going beyond.

For visionaries and utopian dreamers, SS23 means to find the answers to darling questions aside from the common and usual. Such emerging trends are closely linked to surreal experiences, that generate a deeper understanding of more spiritual matters. Clarity is generated through blurring the lines. While a world between  past and future, interconnecting humans and the planet,  might seem confusing, it offers the unique possibility to grow a maximum of clarity through its study and understanding.