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SS23: The Inventor

Trend Direction: Night Rider

«  Loud and Out There »

It is the big return of the 00s, but so far its commercial introduction has been rather soft. As SS23 is all about liberation and transformation the season is going to spice things up. References to trash-deemed classics will become more explicit. The night rider theme is celebrating edgy, visual-focused products with a seductively digital touch. Design focuses on more reveiling mini and bodycon silhouettes and makes bold and anti-conformist statements. The radical liberation of sexuality is combined with a more daring play of materials and colors. Leather meets sheer, metal details meet rhinestone embellishments and dark black meets digital neons. Playing with contrast and questioning good taste translates this story.


Color & Material

Assortment: Key Products

Key Looks




Tom Ford


David Koma



Giorgio Armani


Trend Direction: Dreamlands

«  A cyber-pastel phantasy »

The dream for the romantic and the feminine is paced into another sphere for SS23. This design direction builds on a metaverse that includes digitally altered spaces in a prevailing historic phantasy of extravagance. Consequently, maximalist design turns even more surrealist and eccentric. Extraterrestrial shine and digital coloring meets romantic essentials like floral patterns, ruffles and lace. Digital pastels are crucial for the cohesion of the color palette, as well as metallics. Indulgent trims, like feathers, crystals, plastics etc. enhance the otherworldy, dream-like spirits. Trimmed pyjama sets, unexpected voluminous sleeves and colorful lingerie are new staples. Estranged beauty liberates creativity and offers potential for elegant, however not dusty but joyful, assortments. 


Color & Material

Assortment: Key Products

Key Looks

Maisie Wilen


Collina Strada

Puppets and Puppets

Simone Rocha

Yuhan Wang

Saint Sintras


Bora Aksu

Giambattista Valli

Inventing the world.

The possibility to create a new world feels intriguing for SS23 design. Creative freedom seems endless, especially as it now incorporates the wide possibilities of digital. The growing impact of the metaverse offers potentials to explore new territories. Fantastical spheres that seem to balance between reality and technology create a contemporary aesthetic on the verge of good taste.