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Spring 2020 Couture : Best Trends

It's a kind of magic : Ruffles !


Ruffles made with nylon thread hadn’t seemed current for a long time, but Givenchy’s proposals will change many people’s minds. The richness of volumes and fabrics will make the Sara Jessica Parker in us dream again. Magical also the combination of ruffles and colors by Valentino. Lightness and volume by Giambattista Valli, where the ruffles clearly recall flowers such as roses, peonies and carnations. Feather weights and transparencies with a sweet-punk accent by Scognamiglio, to underline the ethereal becoming of things. The romantic gown dress will no longer be so obvious!

Drapes like a Greek statue


The trend towards draping was already strong in the SS20 fashion shows and we see that it is not denied even in Couture.
Draperies from Ancient Greece, reveal a Minerva woman, strong, intelligent and warrior. No fear to let her body be glimpsed by cut-outs, this woman is sure of herself. During the day she wears ethereal draperies and at night fluid metallic fabrics.

Alice in wonderland's bow


A bow is always a habit. It’s a symbol a bit naive, a bit bon ton, it’s chic but it can also be shocking. We see it well in couture fashion shows where huge bows peep out giving the dress all the allure that matters. Don’t be shy, embrace the romance of the bow.  Played with cleverness, it pleases all women.

Hyper-sensual side slit


The split is the new décolleté! By now the long dress is the great trend and even more so for elegant occasions. But for an irreverent touch and not to give up the hyper-feminine charm, here is the right solution. The slit becomes very high and completely reveals the leg, creating an interesting asymmetry.

Take a stand with a front slit


In confirmation of the soft signals detected during Pre-fall 2020, the slit and especially the central slit has attracted our attention as an emerging trend. A front slit on a dress or a skirt, is not only dedicated to summer. Slits can allow layered looks for winter, whether or not baring any skin. With every shift in body movement, your outfit takes on a new shape, new life. Not to mention a well-placed slash maximizes the comfort level of curve-hugging pencil skirts.

Sparkling dancing fringes


These fringes give different impressions, from the 1920s to antiquity (Dior), from Mother Nature (Armani) to the Snow Queen (Givenchy). One thing they certainly have in common: this is the movement. Precious, coloured or metallic, the set of dancing fringes with the gait of the person, give an exceptional dynamism to the garments and the silhouette, emphasizing every movement.

Data from Couture

According to Livetrend’s data, here are the trends with the most potential that have been caught from Spring 2020 Couture. This analysis allows an objective perspective on possible trends developments for the future seasons. Some of them more adapted to occasion-wear or evening-wear, others have all the potential to contaminate the ready-to-wear.
Some styles are an extension of existing trends such as fringes, but interpreted very differently from the typical western mood of the past seasons, opening the door to new interesting interpretations.
The trends are organized in order of quantity of pieces and, for each trend, there is its growth index compared to the previous season.

25 January 2020