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Python is the new animalier

Python is highlighted as the must of the season, but let’s check the statistics to understand how the premium market has reacted to this trend. Snakeskin represents 3.64% of the fantasies in the accessory and only 0.32% of the fantasies in the RTW (the overall animal print is equal to 2%). This analysis is done on the basis of a sample of premium collections.
The consumer has shown a particular interest in the python texture according to Google Trends which has increased constantly since last year. The most sought-after piece is the Jordan snakeskin sneaker. Then in second position is the snakeskin dress. The search for snakeskin blouse and suit has increased by 600%.
The mass market brands, having a wider range of products and the capacity to react in short term, have presented the snake print in abundance. Zara and Mango have about a hundred pieces each for sale in this print. This made possible to see the trend move down the street very quickly.