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Puffer jacket: The bigger the better!

Cocooning is key!

To curl up in the unctuousness of the materials and products, is a desire and an essential need for shelter this season.
The abundance of softness of the materials is combined with high-performance protections for an enveloping comfort where touch and tactile feeling are the key words.

A desire to protect oneself which is expressed both by amplified volumes and rounded, swollen, padded shapes, and also by caressing and indulgent touch, soft, fluffy surfaces, without forgetting the indispensable protective and invisible technical properties.

Livetrend technology has tracked an increasing  outerwear trend focused on almost blanket-like, cocooning puffer jackets. Finding a space of comfort and serenity, translated into a generosity of volumes and a smoothness of touch: “the bigger the better” seems to be the guideline for those pieces. Those new key-pieces are funneling into consumer’s survivalist outdoor sentiments and offering protection from external, environmental sources.

This feeling of protection and functional value for increased out-door activity does not compromise a bold and joyful aesthetic. These exaggerated puffers are coming in innovative shapes, which create new and joyful silhouettes. Mood-boosting color ways are enhancing the youthful and optimistic feel of these garments. Do not miss out on this outerwear trend and get bold!