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Pre-Fall 19 Global Analysis

Global Assortment

Let's analyze the Pre-Fall collections of the ten most successful premium brands in France. These brands have already delivered between 40 and 200 skus for the FW2019 preview, of which 26% is represented by accessories.

RTW Segmentation

Dresses are the most dominant at the beginning of the season, spreading over 19% of the rtw (14% of the global collections). Just after that come the t-shirts at 15%, then pants, tops and knitwear follow each other closely. Finally the skirts and shirts at 6%, then the jeans and finally, about sixty pieces of outerwear of the FW19 already delivered this month of July. Same score for jackets.

Accessories Segmentation

Concerning the accessory, bags are a must of the offer, taking 45% of the assortment. Then the various small accessories are at 29%, followed by footwear at 23%.

Global Colour Palette

About colours: twenty percent of the global collection is black. twelve percent for whites and neutrals. The overall blues are 8%, the grays 4%. Regarding the fashion colours, red is highlighted with 25% pieces, then green with 23% with the majority of khaki. Cobalt and Pink are respectively at 8%. The first winter shades take shape in purplish and burgundy tones that take hold of the 10% and again there are touches of yellow (5%) for this late summer.

Fabrics & Composition

Concerning fabrics, there are still 14% of veils, leathers and faux leather are already at 15%; 19% of ribbed fabrics for plains and finishing.

Analysing compositions, cottons are 23%. Natural fibres are predominant (nearly 50%) , with cotton and viscose which together represent 32% then silk 9% and wool 8%. Polyester is 16%. Genuine leather represents 17% of the collections. Last but not least, fibres that are more commonly used in blends such as polyamide, acrylic, modal and also 2% linen. To highlight that: 4.3% of the fabrics are embroidered, 3.9% are washed or bleached. In fact, snow effect on jean is still very popular in the premium collections. 35% of the fabrics are fancy with 4% represented by jacquards. Lace is still very strong, representing 9.6% of the collections.

Prints & Patterns

Strong printing trends are already emerging thanks to the 38% of printed items in the collections. Animal print, flowers and stripes continue the summer waltz with new colored leopards, but the animal that takes the share is the zebra. The checks are always present. They are rather masculine drapery designs reworked with the taste of the day as in Maje, Claudie Pierlot, Sessun. Grunge tartan shirts and overshirts at Iro's. They represent the 8% of collections patterns such as camouflage that goes up in the top 10 prints. There is a lot of highlighting with cashmere motif. The design is quite classic but treated on interesting material: see the devoured striped at Maje and the lurex silk at the Kooples.

R-T-W Price Architecture

The entry prices for this new collection are interesting. Above last winter's average price, the brands are introducing products that make people want to buy, that represent new trends and they sell them at an average price that has no compromise. You want it? you buy it. If you are looking for discounts, have a look at sales.

Dresses are moderately light under 300€, tops and shirts barely under 200€. There are no skirts and pants under 100€ and the average is well above 200€. Jeans are a little cheaper, with an average price of 172€. The knitwear starts at 95€ and goes up to 585€. The jackets have an average price slightly below 400€. For outerwear, the entry price is below 200€, but it can rise to 1295€, which is the most expensive price of the collections in store.

Accessories Price Structure

Regarding the accessories at the beginning of this autumn-winter 2019 collection, bags represent 12% of the assortment. The entry price is 39€ for small leather goods and the maximum price is 795€ for a bag. Footwear represents 6% of the accessories offer and its price range goes from 169€ to 695€. The small accessories are at 7% and their average price is 93,65€. Bijoux is not sold by all affordable luxury brands and represents a very small part of the offer: 1%. Their price ranges from 35€ to 295€.

Details Analysis

Thanks to our NLP and image recognition techniques we can analyze the details of the Prefall 19 garments, so that the ruffles are still present in the collections: they represent 16% of the total pieces. The main trend is more towards smocks and elasticated points or bands that climb to 12% and continue to highlight very feminine busts. The folds, whether flat folds or pleated, come to take 11%. There are still a lot of tapes, especially on the pants, that give an athletic touch to the pieces. The gathers are drawn on the 9% of the collection pieces, leaving the sport effect of the side and bringing a soft movement, rather feminine and refined. Jewels, strass and stone are very present details, sometimes more discreet, sometimes more impressive. They've beaten the studs well ahead for this early season. To remain in the feminine style: the slits and knots represent 5% respectively. A power woman side is given by the shoulder pads (2%), which add a sharp eighties side to those who prefer a more aggressive femininity. On the other hand, the more casual style is still present, not only with the tapes and ribs, but with 3% of hooded items and 3% of the pieces with patch pockets. The 7.8% of the garments have contrast effects. We still perceive a subtle western taste in the collections because fringes are still a recurring detail especially on bags, accessories, jackets and jeans (2.1% of the total collections).

Ask for Custom Report

This analysis is done by collecting data on the e-commerce websites of ten most successful affordable luxury brands in France. It includes: Ba&sh, Claudie Pierlot, Iro, Liu-Jo, Maje, Sandro, Tara Jarmon, The Kooples and Zadig&Voltaire. The data is double checked, before and after analysis, to ensure reliable and relevant data. Ask for tailored analysis of your direct competitors or compared analysis with your brand collection at hello@livetrend.co

26 September 2019