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Prefall 2020 : Degradé & Tie-dye

A Subversive Trend for Luxury

Colour is an essential element of these last seasons as well as a return to nature and craft techniques. Plain and strong colours are the trend that has been taking shape for a few seasons now. But in return, Livetrend’s data analysis detects signals with strong commercial potential in these degraded and tie-dye techniques. Givenchy gives us an example of extraordinary visual refinement in such soft and contemporary color gradations. Chanel also in its fashion show does not hesitate to exploit these techniques, which have often been associated, especially tie-dye, with low-cost products found in the hippie markets. In fact, other luxury brands that cherish the seventies, such as Isabel Marant or Stella McCartney, for example, are not new to the use of tie-dye. On the other hand, it is a real novelty for houses like Dior or Chanel. So it’s not an ephemeral phenomenon, but a subversive trend that finds a foothold and leaves room for new interpretations.