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Polar Fleece

Polar Fleece : the Latest ’90s Trend and more

The perfect hybrid piece between the sporty anorak and the cozy jacket has resurfaced and it’s a blast from the past: The polar fleece.
As shown within pieces, such as the slip dresses and the combat boots, lately, we’ve been looking to the ’90s for retro-style inspiration – and this season’s newest trend resurgence is no exception. Now, the sporty-snug-fleece is no longer exclusive to hikers, rock climber and your middle-school self. However, it has shifted from the exclusive territory of camping and outdoor enthusiasts towards more fashionable terrain. The polar fleece fabric has invaded the global fashion market, according to the growth-rate in visibility of  +130% during the last winter 2021 collections.
This fabric also creates space for sustainability: synthetic fibers and plastic bottles are able to be recycled into this material, which goes along new value sets of fashion. Considering the lasting qualities of Patagonia and The North Face, the nostalgic appeal of fleece is not going to fade off.
All is about finding cozy loungewear-adjacent pieces to bundle ourselves up in. We hunted down a number of classics, but also some re-imagined fleece styles: buttery iterations, retro jackets, even stretch pants and bucket hats. Is cabin-core sustaining the practical and bucolic aspects of the cottage-core trend? Stay tuned for more.