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Neo Tailoring

Short Suit

While tailoring is still a large trend with 1700 outfits shown on runaways, how interpret it for 2020? The big new trend is the Short Suit. On average 10% of the suits were with short-pants: Bermuda or shorts. Chloé, Jacquemus, Max Mara, Saint Laurent and many others where featuring this look for SS20. The short version of the suit allows to bring this style even further into the season, with deliveries in March and April, which lend themselves not only to working girls but also to ceremony occasions.

Casual tailoring

The suit becomes less structured, cooler and more casual with these fluid proposals. Loose, often belted, it winks at the ninenties with a decidedly modern allure. Agogna, Sportmax, Annakiki, Drome, Gabriele Colangelo and many others have proposed fluid suits this summer. The trend is to democratize the suit, to wear it on all occasions, bringing a chic and trendy touch to everyday outfits.

Bold suit

Bold colors are still a big trend for SS20. 1710 outfits were proposing pop colours on the runaways, making this the biggest trend from a quantitative point of view. So don’t be afraid to mix it with the second important one: the tailoring suit. This trend continues to be established, as it is certainly not a novelty, but also a commercial asset. Pay attention to the details that will make this garment more current than last season: big lapels and power shoulders.

Sweet Suit

Don’t forget pastels and candy tones either! Bright candy colors are still a very big trend. 1102 outfits were showing pastel colours on SS20 runaways, making it the third big trend of the season from a quantitative point of view.

Big Lapels

It is clearly the influence of the 1970s that influences the size of collars and lapels. A key detail for jackets is definitely the oversize rever. Prada, Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Philip Lim, Louis Vuitton and many others have presented large revers in their summer collections and on average 7% of blazers have large lapels.

Power Shoulders

Power shoulders are definitively hot. The affirmation of the trend translates into extreme silhouettes such as those seen at Balençiaga, Versace, Balmain, Calcaterra. They stand as a message of woman empowering and as a trendy heritage of the Eighties. 625 runaway looks were adopting big shoulders, defining them as one of the must-haves of the season.

Capitalize on the right trends

Trends emerge quickly and many micro trends populate each season. But they don’t change so fast anymore. Some of them are destined to continue and evolve over time since they meet the taste of consumers, because they have been bestsellers or simply because they need time to be adopted. The need for stability and reassurance in a period such as today’s and the desire to consume less and better should not be underestimated.
Looking at the Summer 2020 collections, it is clear that some trends will continue next year. Tailoring is one of the hottest trend, and the SS20 version is definitely with short pants.