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Material Trend: Of Porcelain & Ceramics

Between Kintsugi and DIY-Charms

Porcelain and Ceramics are beginning to emerge as a niche trend accross instagramming, e-com and the catwalks of more edgy brands. With the continuous influence of interiors on fashion, porcelain and decorative crafts are being celebrated as an inspiration for several design details. There are several interpretation stories in line with those solid materials.

Traditional blue and white Chinese, dutch and French porcelain is providing inspiration for prints in RTW and soft accessories as well as it is literally adopted in forms of broken pieces or painted elements within jewelry or garment details. The idea of mending and mending broken plates is fundamental within the traditional Art of  Kintsugi. The concept underlying up cycling broken homeware not only embraces a DIY and sustainable approach, that have become relevant within society, but they also embrace a concept of rebuilding. The idea of putting broken pieces together equates current sentiments of re- building the world from the bottom up.

Combining ceramics with metal can create a more minimalist look, while crafty or charm-style updates question good taste and insert fun and experimental nods in to fashion again. Some interpretations might also feel more nature-driven, embracing neutral palettes and slightly unfinished and raw surface treatments.

Make sure to embrace this trend for your next assortments and be on top of the game of your consumer.