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The Poetry of Layers

Soft gradations with unique character!

Livetrend has detected an increase of products that incorporate the layering of sheer materials. Analysing SS21 tranparent material where showing in more than 760 looks and this trend is growing +4% year on year. By using several transparent layers, an effect of breathability in terms of wear and a lively luminosity concerning the colors are introduced to these new trending pieces. The lightness reflects on consumers’ desire for levity and freedom and the ideas of liberation after the period of crisis. This feeling of release pairs well with a growing taste for sensuality and sophisticated seduction, which is beginning to grasp society. The soft multicolor effects of sheerly layered products enable harmonious and subtly nuanced color gradations to develop. Through movements and drapes around generally different body shapes, randomly emerging areas of density or lightness emerge and inherit products with unique, almost personalized properties. Those highly individual products create hallucinogenic effects which reference purposeful solar or digital themes (depending on the palette) and answer to the new zeitgeist, bridging reality and digital or dream-like worlds. In general, this concept is applicable to a wide array of products. However, the new must-have second skin top, fluid blouses and shirts, as well as soft skirts are having the strongest appeal. Even new sheer pants are appearing on Instagram to seduce the more fashionable and edgy customers. Adapt this trend to your commercial degree, but do not miss out on carrying this soft and sensually stimulating story into your assortment.