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LIVETREND: FW21 Trend – Seductive Darks

A Gloomy Allure

One of the overwhelming trends of the FW21 shows, was the large number of black looks. This season, black embraces female empowerment, which has accompanied the pandemic. With female leaders piloting the crisis, a vigorous female gaze is now celebrating self-confidence, sensuality and independence. Paired with a dark romantic twist, the overall mood is resonating a glooming and mysterious energy. The mystified undertone also unleashes anxious emotions related to feelings of uncertainty towards the future. Challenging those emotions and the perception of darkness, the Dark Romance narrative builds strongly on bold romantic silhouettes, hyper-feminine seductive shapes and a touch of masculine-driven pieces. 

New dark heroes and their mystic shadows seemed to be shifting over the runways with alluring powers. The sexiness, incorporated in the color black combined with the play of powers and the mystery of the unknown allude to consumers’ most intimate desires and induces a provocative hue. This zeitgeist translates into a large number of statement full-volume pieces. On the runways, puffy sleeves, volants and drapes in taffeta or tulle express the rebellious nature of  women confidently taking over the world, while appreciating all body shapes and sizes. With similar intentions, tight and body-confident fits, like fluid second-skin garments, dominated the runways as well. Especially sheer or lace dresses were indispensable. Masculine leather jackets and tailoring pieces balanced out the femininity and added to the powerful feel of those darker collections. Designers are getting their women ready for an unknown post-pandemic world.

Credits:  Givenchy, Annakiki, Valentino, Sportmax

Time for change!

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8 March 2021