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Liquid Metallics – A Couture Show Highlight

Soaked in Metal: Futuristic yet Mythical

One of the major trends that has emerged from the couture shows, as Livetrend data has tracked, is the increasing popularity of metallics. This trend for shiny and reflective surfaces had been visible during the last RTW seasons as well, with more than 200 metallic looks. On the runways, designers captured the lustrous effect of metal with sequins, lurex-threads, reflective fabric coatings or sparkling embellishments, all seemingly dipping the garments in a layer of liquid metal. The result is a look of golds and silvers which appear to be fusing the future (with an aesthetic for new technology) and the past (with its feel for valuable historic treasures, as well as ancient and opulent narratives). 

In the context of the current pandemic, the shielding effect of metal, with its antibacterial properties and armor-like feel,  captures the idea of a protective garment. Schiaparelli, Area and Valentino took the idea of shielding quite literally and recreated gold masks, armor-like imprints of body parts and cage like structures. Considering consumers search for health and safety today, this reassuring connotation may feel unsurprising, yet the contrast with elegant evening silhouettes and dressed-up themes introduces freshness to the interpretation. With ancient wisdom and long-lasting qualities anchored in those durable metals, a timeless and purposeful hue is added as well, which is important regarding less wasteful and more sustainable attitudes regarding clothing purchases linked to new consumer behaviors. Simultaneously, the shiny and eye-catching aspect of metallics provides great potential for an up-beat evening-story, that you should consider for your next festive/festival assortment. 

The „Immersed in Metal Trend“  guarantees to create eye-catching statements on and off screen. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to design your trendiest looks with dazzling potential.