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Kids : Pre-Collection Concepts


What are the trend themes to be influencing the Girls A/W 21 market?

As Summer Sales are coming to an end, the Pre-Collections and Early Drops of AW21 are released and begin to hint towards the next seasons. In this report, we have analyzed the latest collections of the Girls Market. As an add-on to the benchmark analysis, this report dives into the concepts and themes, which were favored across relevant kids wear brands. These themes will give you an overview of design aesthetics and styles that are going to hit the upper segment of the fashion industry at the end of this year.

Below, you will find six major A/W21 trend themes. Several concepts, such as the nod to varsity, Bohemia and serene comfort have trickled down from the womenswear market. Other ideas, that feel more rebellious, youthful and playful manifest the markets own directory power and inspire us for the next season. During those delicate times; we witness an increase in meaning behind girl’s design concepts. The connection to nature and the empowerment of females are essential and backing up the stories. Those concepts hint to urgent societal issues, such as climate change and feminism, appropriated for the kids wear market.
This year girls can pick their favored character and decide who they aspire to be; the varsity squad girl, the girl scout, the somewhat reckless, the calm girl or even the bohemian or the girly one

Highlight Trend Concepts


Credits: Il Gufo, Mango, Stella McCartney, Le Bonpoint, Le Bonpoint / Credits: Le Bonpoint, Molo, H&M, Il Gufo, Mango.

Pre-Collections are foreseeing a theme of the girl scouts. Adventuring into the outdoors, while embracing an empowered community spirit of these girl clubs, is translating the major themes of the season into an appropriate design story. As the world opens up, this fall will be about campsites, wood stacks and fireplaces. Appropriate wardrobes are proposed by cozy knits, more rigid outerwear pieces and prints that reinforce the strong connection to Mother Earth. The theme seems to shout the slogan of „making the world a better place“ and embeds a positive and enchanting mood into our youth. As free-time is becoming increasingly relevant again, embracing the connection to others and to the planet is crucial to replace the on-screen activities of past years and maintains the strong outdoor and explorer spirit of the season. For a feminine touch, florals and preppy details like ruffles and collars are adding girly fun. 

The Somewhat Reckless

Credits: Liu JO, Twinset, Twinset, H&M, Liu Jo / Credits: Molo, H&M, Twinset, Liu Jo, Mayoral

For A/W 21 girl’s collections an omnipresent focus on rebellious notions is interpreted by designers. We get the impression of rockstar, due to rock n roll materials like leather and printed jersey knits. Iconic symbols like stars and graphic slogans feel bold and provide young girls with a sense of reckless empowerment this upcoming season. A slightly rougher feel connects to the feministic moments, which are currently found on the womenswear market. This theme let’s girls explore their extrovert characteristics and defend their unique messages. Underlining this  statement character, a focus on bright pink color pops enriches the black and white palette. While rockstar themes are a staple within the kids wear sector, these specific releases feel more authentic due to consumer shifts and augmenting macro sentiments. 

Varsity Squad

Credits: H&M, Zara, Mango, Le Bonpoint, twinset / Credits: Le Bonpoint, Mango, Le Bonpoint, Zara, Mango

A reoccurring favorite for Pre- Collections are #backtoschool themes. For the approaching AW21 season, designers are taking this theme more literally. Adapting the modernized varsity styles, which currently dominate the womenswear market, oversized vests and sweaters are a new must-have for girls as well. The trend-conscious concept suits the excitement that is bound to an official first day back at school. After years of classes in sweatpants, the possibility to embrace any scholastic design idea is empowering this theme. Preppy college styles are another favorite, adding loafers and blazers to this years assortments. Get the kids ready for education and dress them accordingly. 

Bucolic Bohemia

Credits: Zara, Mango, Il Gufo, Wynken kids, Mayoral / Credits: Mango, Tartine et Chocolat, Le Bonpoint, Il Gufo, H&M

It seems like these A/W 21 collections are taken straight from the barn. The cottage core trend seems to prevail for the kids wear market this season, however a bohemian Woodstock feel is replacing the once dreamy romanticism of the trend. Linked to the liberation of our life, is the liberation of the mind. And kids are enjoying their freedom and the ease of their young years again. Comfortable flowy dresses and denim pieces are meeting rustic knits and outdoor appropriate footwear. The strong rustic and nature-focused notion of the Bucolic Bohemia theme feels appropriate within the current climate of eco-consciousness. Some new womenswear key-pieces, like the clog and the chunky cardigan find their interpretations for girls as well. This link offers potential for generation-fusing collections and to connect the entire family. 

Embracing the Calm

Credits: Mango, Mayoral, Zara, Zara, H&M / Credits: Liu Jo, Tia Cibani, H&M, Zara, Minirodini

A trend that brings quiet to the mind and soothes the soul is embedded in the new AW21 collections as well. Embracing the calm is crucial to address the current and continuing need for contemplation and thought. Celebrating simple pleasures and reconnecting to thee basics is an important story to launch within the youth market. From a young age, this concept allows girls to develop more mindful and conscious attitudes and to take that sense of serenity into their adulthood. With an intensified focused on psychological health and general well-being, this look feels even more relevant than it did during lockdown periods. Subtly balanced color palettes, soft tie-dyes and pastels are transferred onto cozy loungewear and matching set  combinations. Keeping it simple and creating more minimal essentials guides designers here. 

Girls Club

Credits: Twinset, Liu Jo, Mango, Mayoral, H&M / Credits: Mimisol shop, H&M, T-love, Twinset, Mango

If one concept is embracing the overarching FW21 theme of GIRLS,GIRLS,GIRLS which builds on new waves of feminine strength, it is the Girls Club style. Inspired by our favorite movies of the early 2000s, young girls are bringing all the sass and bedazzling back. Regrouping at school, demands new cliques and cool kids now. Current girls releases provide an appropriate wardrobe, which introduces a sense of self-assurance already at a young age. Matching the current #y2k hype of millennial, these girls will be looking up to their older siblings and want to imitate their looks. This trend theme is fulfilling not only this need, but simultaneously allows the youth to live their glossy and feminine dreams. Authenticity is created through cheetah prints, pink and sparkles. The overly girly concept seems appropriate within in a society seeking to dress up and will certainly prevail within the upcoming seasons, especially with the 00s becoming increasingly popular amongst clients.

Premium brands are going bolder.

The early girls wear A/W 21 drops are embracing the major shifts that impacted the industry over the past year. Inspired by the womenswear sector, kids wear brands have achieved to commercialize important trend directions the return of the bohemian, a rise of rebellious desires and current 2000s hypes. Take a look at how those brands achieved to twist the inspirational ideas into  relevant stories. Check the benchmarking report for all the data related to kids wear collections as well.

9 September 2021