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Jeans key shapes

Wide leg

Baggy fit

Patchwork statement

Trendiest denims for next season

The biggest jeans trend for next season, according to the data, is related to the ’90s. About fabric: light wash denim has grown +35% compared to last year and two tone denim and patchwork are coming back. About shapes: baggy/carrot and wide leg are going to be a must have.
High waist remains at the top of proposals for denim and gathered waist and pleats are a must for baggy and carrot styles.

Two tone denim and patchwork are rising trends. There are many factors that have brought this style back, as consumer’s willingness to own reworked, recycled, and unique garments. Especially Millennials, are promoting this trend.  In fact, many brands (@redone above all) has started recycling denim fabrics, mixing old jeans to create new mix and match pieces so popular among the influencers.
Certainly, patchwork is linked to the megatrend of sustainability, an essential part of the denim collections. As you can read in our Denimology report, sustainability has become a must for denim and jeans are one of the first eco-friendly products in the collections. The importance of recycling could not fail to impact a durable and resistant material such as denim, that can be reused many times. Moreover, the used look for denim is often searched and simulated on the products. So this perfect match today drives the adoption of this new patchwork trend.