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Yellow Mellow

Increasing trend

Yellow is widely known to evoke happiness. In almost every shade, it tends to remind us of something positive. It stands for freshness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, and enlightenment. Yellow is the most luminous color on the wheel, so it often grabs our attention more quickly than others.
Gen Z yellow seems to be the happy medium. It appears to be pulled straight from the classic yellow smiley faces of ’90s fashion, bringing us full circle with the current fashion trends.
There is an optimistic energy about yellow which gives the color a special meaning, maybe that’s why fashion has adopted it.
Yellow is a color that is suitable for dresses, t-shirts, knits, accessories. It works on all fabrics, opaque like cotton or shiny as satin. This flexibility is well supported by the analyses which show that the yellow assortment is well distributed in the different categories in an almost equal way. A profusion of dresses, plain or printed, are coloured with this joyful colour, bringing pep to the collections, which this season are not afraid of colours.