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Instagram Update Knits

Trend Tracking: Knitwear

Since the first wave of lockdown, loungewear knits have become a staple in every woman’s closet. With a growing focus on comfort and wellness, we are following a wave of soft and calming knitwear pieces taking over instagram. But with the growing popularity of this simple and luxurious homewear aesthetic, consumers should not have to compromise their individualism and identity within those pieces. Comfort does not need to mean boring.

For a fluid and conscious consumer, we have detected a general trend for super-soft yarns to give extra comfort and a poetic feel. This need comes alongside the now more pronounced relationship between clothes and their wearer, as a sense of second-skin appeal. Elevated basics and one-of a kind-appeal pieces are the most successful on instagram, since they translate individuality and character. A strong identification of your brand is extremely important to distinguish from your competitors during this knitwear influx in the comfortwear sector.

We have gathered some key pieces and details to update your knitwear staples and to counteract the sweat-pant fatigue, which has begun to hit the market. We propose an innovative, social media trend tracking, on how to generate long-lasting bestsellers for your consumer’s closet and update your staples into new bestsellers. Take a look at the current key pieces, trend details and trend finishings. You should also note our selection of innovative brands to watch and the style inspiration feed at the bottom of the page to get inspired.

Brands to watch

Key Pieces

The Cropped Top

The Fitted Cardigan

The Oversized Cardigan

The Oversized Longsleeved Polo

Detail Update

Hardware Details

Cut-Out Details

Draped Details

Finishings Update

Lettuce Hems

Raw Edges

Style Feed

Social Media Tracker

Our Social Media Tracker has been able to identify some new key pieces that are trending on social media at the moment. For your product assortment, take a look at cropped jumpers, fitted and oversized cardigans as well as oversized polo shirts (very effective in a matching set combination). Those are the current must-have pieces on instagram. To update your existing products and to create new bestsellers, we have composed some of the most-trending details: Consider hardware details like chains or hooks to add a contrast to your soft knits. Innovative cut-outs, especially focused on bare backs and neckline, are a key element for social media-effective dressing. Draped and knotted or twisted details are a similarly powerful way to reinterpret your knitwear. Do not miss the opportunity to check our related Trend Report on the Literal Twist . In terms of finishings an unfinished and raw edge trend is coexisting with a rather poetic cut-and-sew lettuce hem story. 

11 November 2020