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Instagram Update: Tops

The igniting spirits of summer, combined with the reopening of social life are causing a boom of dressy, bold and feminine summer styles. Women are celebrating their femininity again and influencers are certainly tapping into this sentiment. With screens continuing to play an important role in peoples’ lives, the recent focus on tops is sustained. Influencers want to show that they are returning back to normality and celebrating life. In terms of product, this optimism and hype is translating into more provocative styles, like foulard, neck-holder, sports-bra or vest tops, which are daring to show skin.

Influencers are showcasing their return to social life!

Additionally, comfy and easy to throw on boyfriend and vacation shirts, wrapped blouses and slim-fit button-up styles are retaining the desire for ease and comfort. With patchwork overlock jersey and 2000s neck holder styles some more early signals are invading niche markets on Instagram, while crochet tops have developed from a more edgy style into a relatively commercial product. The Livetrend Tracker has detected the most trending tops on instagram. Take a look:


The New Must-Haves


The Foulard Top

Credits: @miaou, @haileybieber, @princesspolly, @matcha_cha, @lexiwood


The Nostalgic Neckholder

Credits: @lioness, @princesspolly,@weworewhat, @estelle_eliot, @lisanicolejames


The Sportsbra Crop

Credits: @carlahinojosar, @hanwen, @valentinaferragni, @mayamalner, @areyouami


The Holiday Shirt

Credits: @shitrendy, @andotherstories,@wethepeoplestyle, @belenhostalet, @polliani


The Wrapped Style

Credits: @thesignificantother, @handinfire, @emilisindlev, @dulceida, @oliviacharlotteburton


The Boyfriend Shirt

Credits: @leoniehanne, @abeautynature, @racheldeverit, @jordansimek, @charmstore.club


The Skinny Button-Up

Credits: @parisgeorgia, @mariabernard, @sourceunknownstore, @veronicaferraro, @vitaliia


The Tailored Vest

Credits: @ariviere, @modatutkusu, @casadimicco, @couturekulten, @jessiekass


The Overlock Style

Credits: @katherine, @thehala, @weworewhat, @masihiky, @jaded_lndn


The Unique Crochet

Credits: @glemaud, @sandro, @vasquiat, @sophiamcoelho, @couturekulten

Transforming Summer Wardrobes

Those are the new trending it-pieces for SS21 according to Livetrend Technology. You can find the growth index (year on year) on the top left and the trend classification on the bottom left. To fully understand the classifications, take a look at the explanations on the right. This trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22. 

Some of those trends manifest developments of previous seasons, such as crochet and sports bra tops, as well as menswear-inspired shirts. Further highlight pieces are may now adapt to the real return of social life and inhabit more dressy look. 

In terms of real product novelties, millennial vintage shopping habits are surfacing classic 2000s styles like the neck older or foulard top. They are becoming key staples for fashionable influencers. However, the sexy and showy silhouette, which is grasping a majority of current must-have tops, should be counterbalanced with an assortment of comfort and more unisex styles. A lot of more sexy products are combined with boxy suits and men’s shirts to balance the look and add a more intellectual hue. 

5 July 2021