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Instagram Update: Swimwear Trends

Summer Resort Boom!

With summer season at its peak and feeds overcrowding with holiday and vacation photos, it is right about time to take a look at which swimsuits are pioneering the beaches this year. And after missed-out holidays it comes as no surprise that this season consumers splurged on their beachwear to show-off the most trendy styles. The Livetrend Trend tracker was able to track the new must-haves and gives directions for the next season. Take a look at the top 10 key pieces, which hold potential for the next year and surely create a fashionable beachwear assortment. This season, as it was prominent already in RTW, sets and combinations have been favored. While matching bikini sets are becoming more relevant again, compared to previous mix and match styles, co-ordinated cover-ups are strong on the market as well. Favored are crochet and fluid knit styles with cropped or bralette tops and flared pants. Looking towards swim attire, creativity has taken over. The hottest trend of this season are reversed triangle tops. Turning the triangle top around and twisting it generates new shapes and innovative styles. Similarly cut-out one-pieces are proposing novel body-revealing opportunities. Those pieces are so strappy or reworked that they appear more like a bikini than a one-piece. It is prevailing this season that the body is in focus, high waisted and high cut pants, as well as barely existing tops are minimizing the covering functions of swimwear. At the same time the 00s influence finds appeal in wrapped halter tops, which are versatile and often worn aside the beach. Going beyond-beachwear are t-shirt styles as well. Lastly, more moderate and considered clients opt for hyper-minimal shapes, with simplified outlines and long-lasting potentials. Take a deeper look at the highlights and get inspired in the image analysis below:

The Beach is Back!

Top 10 Swimwear Styles

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The High Waist & High Cut

Credits: @majamalnar, @nastygal, @jesshunt, @gabbyshaoni, @camilacoelho

hot trend

The Reversed Triangle

Credits: @mondayswimwear, @carole_haase, @lovewave, @amandakhamkaew, @majamalnar

hot trend

The Cross-Over Halter

THE CROSS OVER HALTER<br /> Credits: @reinaolga_beachwear, @leonniehanne, @jaded_swim , @kim_edri , @marialeka_____

hot trend

The Asymmetric Upper

Credits: @lydsbutler, @marialeka_____ , @lovewave, @marialeka_____ , @sourceunknown

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The Beyond Beach Top

Credits: @bettinalooney, @edenfines, @sir_thelabel, @_avalonnadfalusi , @jaded_swim

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The Coord Cover-Up

Credits: @majorelle_collection,@torivanbreugel , @tularosalabel, @jodielapetitefrenchie, @tularosalabel

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The Lingerie Style

Credits: @mondayswimwear, @annafpadilla, @vergegirl, @boohoo, @bentheliem

hot trend

The Almost One-Piece

Credits: @x_carms, @nastygal,@majamalnar, @revolve, @kyliejenner

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The Barely There Bikini

Credits: @madiblampied, @valentinaferragni, @jaded_swim, @giizeleoliveira @shaebutters

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The Minimalist

Credits: @cameliafarhoodi, @alexandra__sage, @onne, @eviemareee , @batariswimwear<br />

Transforming Summer Wardrobes

Those were the ten new key styles for SS21 beachwear that will continue to be relevant next year. As consumers are only now beginning to re-discover real life and dressing up, the current taste for super feminine and dressed-up designs will become a stable trend within the next season. It is important to embrace the beyond-the-beach potentials of swimwear, with people seeking out for versatile pieces. Being able to move from one occasion to the next and saving on luggage space is a beneficial selling point within a more conscious and recessionary-driven society.

On the top left, the forecasting icon shows the predicted evolution of the styles and the Livetrend stamp helps you to identify the type and the risk of the trend. To fully understand the relevance of the trend for your brand, take a look at the explanations on the right. The trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22.
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13 September 2021