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Instagram Update: Swimwear Detail Highlights

Dressed Up on the Beach!

As designs are showing higher levels of creativity in their silhouettes and shape executions already, details play an increasingly important role as well. This season new waves of femininity and the influences of a dressed-up and eclectic look are guiding products. Several trends have tickled down from RTW and celebrate high magnitudes amongst influencers and fashionable clients. The appeal of hyper-embellished designs, which was leading major categories like denim and accessories the last and this season, successfully demonstrated its beachwear interpretations. Crafted straps, enlarged jewels and belt buckles add a glamorous feeling to the outdoors. Dressing to impress is crucial. Belted styles; referring to 60s and 70s high-end resorts are a special detail highlight and spark nostalgic holiday vibes. Especially when combined with current high cut and highways silhouettes. Fringes and frills add a girly twist and add dressiness to simpler shapes. Regarding materials, the prominence of crochet and subtle texture reflects on the interest in hand-made products and materials that appeal to the senses. Both of those highlights are essential within RTW as well. The experimental approach to core styles like bandeau or triangles results in new directions of rushing, gathering and pleating. Lastly, impactful straps which have attained more commercial potential over the past seasons are coming through on the beaches as well. Wrapped around the ways the seductive detail celebrates the female body and points towards long withheld desires.

Top 10 Swimwear Details

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The Subversive Strap

THE SUBVERSIVE STRAP<br /> Credits: @leoniehanne,@ninasandbech,@klarahellqvist, @eviemareee, @vdmthelabel

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The Subtle Texture

Credits: @ottaviaguetti , @alexandra__sage, @vasquiat_official , @eviemareee, @giizeleoliveira

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The Blissful Belt

Credits: @bettinalooney, @violeta_mangrinyan, @teresaandresgonz, @lilyandrose , @madisonmartina

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The Crochet Look

Credits: @cultgaia, @majamalnar, @giizeleoliveira, @kyliejenner, @annacarlaesimona

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The Cut Out

Credits: @ellakarberg, @luciaavfdez, @livystudio , @majamalnar, @jesshunt<br />

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The Soft Rushing

Credits: @idazeile ,@madiblampied ,@idazeile , @vincijaswim , @majamalnar

stable trend

The Extra Embellished

Credits: @annacarlaesimona, @ninasandbech, @viviengutmann, @anitamg , koibird

stable trend

The Frill & Fringes

Credits: @hannaschonberg, @tularosalabel, @mkaecph , @thefrenchmadrilene, @nofarlevi_<br />

stable trend

The Metal Ring

Credits: @jesshunt, @bettinalooney, @missguided, @hannaschonberg, @audreyloques

Transforming Summer Wardrobes

Those are the new must-have details. With several summer seasons missed-out on or only experienced in more reduced versions is showing how desperate consumers are seeking to impress with their swimsuits again. Dressing up the classics is essential and makes this summer a strong season for beachwear. There are several trends that will remain important elements moving towards SS22, with straps, embellishments and fabric surface treatments only to name a few. Their commercial potential guarantees consumer successes and new best-selling products. Embark on those beachwear details and keep the high-vibrancy of the season alive within upcoming periods. 

According to Livetrend Technology, these new trends are experiencing different levels of commercial potentials and visibility. All the information related to the trend can be found in the report. On the top left, the forecasting icon shows the predicted evolution of the detail styles and, on bottom right, the Livetrend stamp helps you to identify the type and the risk of the trend. To fully understand the relevance of the trend for your brand, take a look at the explanations on the right. The trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22.
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20 September 2021