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Instagram Update : Leather

Trend Tracking: Leather Mania

The trend for leather has been omnipresent over the past seasons and the material seems to maintain it’s dominance for the upcoming seasons as well. On instagram the material is pushing beyond the renown adaptions of skirts and blazers and adapting more fashionable interpretations to maintain the material’s relevance. With the growing popularity of this material and a consumer seeking to be different and bold, leather is used in bolder ways, as the following Instagram Updates will show.

There are several key pieces reaching across the market. The main focus remains on the more obvious outerwear categories. Here we can see super-soft and puffy silhouettes on jackets and vests, oversized hoodie-inspired styles and extra-large jackets. They all have a comforting and cocooning effect, which remains high in demand, and add a more cozy feel to a usually harsher material. Opposed to that early 2000s inspired coats with fur trims add femininity and sexiness, while large and minimal long coats capture a more masculine and strong look. 

The straight leg pants is not only the upcoming must-have shape for denim, but for leather pants as well. The most fashionable influencers are already set on this piece and combining it in ever-changing creations, ranging from streetwear-driven to more dressy styles. 

The idea of dressing up plays out in short dresses, statement sleeves and bustiers as well. All of those pieces are screen-appropriate and after the lockdowns are finally over, they will guarantee to satisfy consumer’s needs for attention and nightlife as well. 

Another highlight is the revival of leather gloves, closely linked to the need for protection, hygiene and a new touches world. Celebrities like Rihanna are already boosting the statement character of this accessories and brands are seeking to explore the boundaries of design here. 

We propose an innovative, social media trend tracking, on how to generate long-lasting bestsellers for your consumer’s closet and update your staples into new bestsellers. Take a look at the current key pieces, trend details and trend finishings. 

Brands to watch

Key Pieces

The Activewear Inspired Set

The Jumpsuit

The Tailoring Set

The Straight Pant

The Mini-Dress

The Statement Sleeve

The Bustier

The Oversized Jacket

The Retro Coat

The Puffer

The Updated Matrix Style

The Eye-Catcher Glove

Finishings Update

Shearling and Fur


Super Soft



Regarding the materials, sustainable and vegan leather options are key. Chose super-soft, buttered qualities that create sculptural folds or youthful coatings for a more digital edge. Shearling and Fur finishings and Patchwork are coming along a taste for sustainability, repurposing, thrifting and individuality. And the Animalia craze and nature-inspiration that is continuously overlooking the markets are introducing fresh snakeskin reliefs, especially effective when coated.

Style Feed

Social Media Tracker

Our Social Media Tracker has been able to identify some new key pieces that are trending on social media at the moment. Consider those novelties and stable trends to integrate in to your assortment, so you do not risk losing relevance in terms of leather/ fake-leather products. Take a look at new outerwear pieces, like oversized jackets and long coats, straight pant shapes and trending finishes like shearling, snakeskin or super-smooth leather. 

You should also note our selection of innovative brands to watch and the style inspiration feed at the bottom of the page to get inspired.