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Instagram Update: Bags

The known, the new, the exciting !

Instagram is booming, booming with bags. The return to social life has marked the return of bags and influencers are now flaunting all the accessoires that where hidden in the closet for so long. While some pieces of the previous seasons remain, currently trending bags bring a sense of ease and novelty to the category. In line with current desires of dressing-up, designs reach far beyond the mere practical function of carrying your belongings. Remaining from previous seasons are the soft volume pouch, the micro bag, the 00s baguette and the picnic-ready basket bag. Newer trends include sophisticated hobo styles, especially with glossy treatments, circular styles that embrace the rounded shape within their construction and volume, as well as the bucket bag, which seems more innovative than ever before now. Similarly, more minimal tote styles, which provide not only a sophisticated look but adapt to several occasions along weekdays and week-ends. Regarding early signals and more edgy trends, the fanny pack is marking its gradual return after it had disappeared during the past seasons, more maximalist beaded bag are also surfacing more and more across the feeds now, as well as are hyper experimental forms that surprise and inspire. Take a look at the data, which the Livetrend technology has tracked from Instagram and get inspired for your next product range. React to those consumer trends and make sure to include the big trends, which will generate top selling products.

Brands To Watch

Top 10 Bag Shapes


The Contemporary Hobo

Credits: @jelena.marija, @amelieteje, @brownsfashion, @therow, @missjamiefirth


The Unexpected Form

Credits:@unitudeofficial, @sourceunknownstore, @mythra, @gu_de, @sourceunknownstore


The Circular Base

Credits: @byfar, @shopbob, @verafied, @laufindlay, @gcdswear


The 00s Baguette

Credits: @byfar, @brie_leon, @daziethelabel, @alicedunnagan, @shopbob


The Multipocket Crossbody

Credits:@_m_e_l, @poppylissiman, @meganvlt, @jonathan.anderson, @jonathanandrewcox


The All-Purpose Tote

Credits: @sourceunknownstore, @amaliemoosgaard, @darya.schuchenek, @minimalstreetstyle, @zinafashion


The Creative Bucket

Credits: @strathberry, @laura_eguizabal, @gu_de, @prada, @shi_trendy


The Soft Pouch

Credits: @rockybarnes, @themoire, @ninasandbech, @yurt, @about.janedoe


The Micro Staple

Credits: @summerjadestyle, @alisontoby, @nastygal, @poppylissiman, @verafied


The Picnic-Ready Basket

Credits: @jelena.marija, @annabelrosendahl, @callmethebreeze, @ninaleacaine, @aymiecahill

Transforming Summer Wardrobes

Those are the new trending it-bag across Instagram according to Livetrend Technology. You can find the growth index (year on year) on the top left and the trend classification of each bag on the bottom left. To fully understand the classifications, take a look at the explanations on the right. This trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22. 

Some of those trends manifest developments of previous seasons, such as the baguette and pouch. They are big trends now with high visibility on Instagram. Similarly micro bags are showing to be a stable key-item. Safe trends are composed by minimal totes, basket styles and circular bag designs.

In terms of novelties we can see more unexpected shapes and forms, as well as contemporary bucket styles, belt bags and fanny packs. Take a look at the Instagram Update regarding Bags Details & Materials HERE.

5 August 2021