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FW21: Tailoring Update

hot trend

The New Sharp Slimline

Alexander McQueen



Charlotte Knowles


The Sharp Slimline Tailoring Silhouette is bringing a breath of fresh air into a product group that has recently been dominated by slouchy and comfort silhouettes. Inspired by the early 2000s formfitting styles and new sharper lines, this suit is great to enhance femininity and elegance. It almost feels like a uniform against the crisis and the recession and brings some elevated power into FW21 wardrobes.

stable trend

The Comfort Casual

Max Mara


Frankie Shop



Opposed to the new slimline, the comfort and genderless tailoring stays a prevailing trend for FW21. The fluid lifestyles and comfort needs will remain and so does the consumers interested in more casual yet smart looks. Try to keep the soft femininity of womenswear through more fluid or soft-surface fabric choices and poetic color-ways. Embrace all the tailoring details, while keeping a more toned down and effortless feel, as Vicolo or Max Mara are showing. 

hot trend

The XXL Blazer

Magda Burtym

The Stylograph




The very fashionable client of FW21 tailoring pieces will demand for new XXL boyfriend blazers. Inspired by thrifting aesthetics, which bring a non-formfitting suit silhouette, these pieces are great for layering and transitional periods, where they might replace outerwear garments while worn over sweatshirts. Try to adapt the degree of oversized-ness according to your clients edginess while still maintaining a boxy and boyfriend feel. 

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The New Waist Suit


Philip Lim


Gabriela Hearst

Low Classic

Creative draping and innovation are key for those FW21 trend-pieces. Suits that have integrated belt-elements or asymmetric one-button effects fall into the Neo-tailoring category, while keeping a very wearable note. Those pieces bring a poetic momentum to this classical category, which consumer’s dream-like feelings resonate with. For a more feminine silhouette, keep a focus detail on the waist, as Ganni, Phillip Lim and Gabriela Hearst are showing.

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The Elongated Blazer

Peter Do

Brandon Maxwell


Anna Quan

Dolce & Gabbana

A perfect transitional piece that goes well with new minimal consumer sentiments for FW21 is the long blazer. Present this trend-piece as a versatile and valuable add-on for early fall periods, as it can function as an outerwear element. Keep a slimline and integrate the slightly asymmetrical tastes, through 1-button closures. Long Blazers might also work as Blazer-Dresses depending on your interpretation, with value add-on through versatility. Brandon Maxwell and PeterDo are showing how elegant and sophisticated those feminine pieces can be. 

stable trend

The Leather Suit

Alexander McQueen


Ronny Kobo

Rosetta Getty

Off White

The leather Suit has become a stable trend over the past seasons and it will last through FW21. Those (fake-)leather suits are a safe bet item and great to bring some youthful rock appeal to evening and workwear categories. Consider eco-friendly fake leathers to answer to consumer’s sustainability concerns. Off-White and Alexander McQueen are showing how to sustain this trend for the next season, take a look.

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The 3-Piece Set

Magda Burtym





Seeking comfort in heritage and well-known classics the 3-Piece suit is celebrating a return for FW21. Whether you go down a nostalgic path with traditional fitting tailoring looks or add a more edgy touch with oversized and innovative silhouettes, the vest is a great sell add-on. With the vest becoming an increasingly important element in the knitwear category, it comes as no surprise that the versatile character of this piece has entered tailoring as well. Kiton and Magda Burtym are showing how fashionable those classics can be.

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The Long Skirt Set

Maison Margiela





Looking at the more traditional tailoring looks that gain momentum for FW21, the long or mid-length skirt set is worth mentioning. MiuMiu presented this nostalgic silhouette for FW20 and it has gained increasing presence since. Maison Margiela and Giada are joining into this revival of heritage looks and demand for timeless pieces. Especially more sophisticated and traditional consumers will be celebrating those comforting pieces. 

trend up

The Blazer-Alternative




Philip Lim

Beryll Rogge

The increased interest in comfort and elevated leisurewear has sparked a continuously growing interest in blazer alternatives. While consumers will want to maintain the smart look of a suit while looking for something fresh and versatile. We can see matching sets of tailored pants with shirts, tunic style tops, short outerwear-driven jackets or blousons. Get inspired by Philip Lim or Beryll Rogge so you can generate some new up-selling pieces. 

stable trend

The Reconstructed

Marianna Senchia

Patrizia Pepe

Source Unkown

Le Havre


Gen-Z and some Millenial are seeking new ways to interpret Suits. The idea of up-cycling has sparked a taste for reworking a Suit into a cropped jacket and a wrapped skirt. These innovative, trompe-l’oeil silhouettes are bringing youthful trendiness and the joy of fashion to this classical product group. If you want to reach a younger audience make sure to consider those tailoring skirts, like Patricia Pepe, or full sets like Havre Studios or Marianna Senchia.

Sharp or Casual for FW21

Take a look at the main tailoring key-pieces for FW21 that livetrend technology has filtered for you. While reassuring classics are prevailing and evoking nostalgic spirits, some freshness and contemporary edge is introduced by surprising pattern-making, like the Neo-tailoring wrapped blazers or the reworked tailoring 2-piece. 

With an increased in comfort-wear make sure to upgrade your suits through versatility or outerwear elements, so that consumers will see an increased value in your pieces. Long suits or new blazer alternatives are a great way to do so. Opposed to that bold and crisp slimline suits are adding a new silhouette to the prevailing oversized, casual trends of past seasons. 

In general we can see two consumers emerge from these trends: one seeking more practical and comfort-driven silhouettes and one embracing the sharp and crisp heritage of tailoring. Both are turning to tailoring as an investment for longevity, which should be answered to. 

Livetrend technology is adding valuable data to intuitive expert forecasts, which enriches our insights and quality of the reports. By analyzing e-commerce, fashion shows and Instagram we observe the majority of the market and make sure not to miss a trend. 

8 January 2021