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FW21 Print Trend Story: Geometrics from the Attic


On Repeat

Circular Motion

Upholstry Checks

Organic Forms

Super Geometrics to evoke Nostalgia

There is not much that feels more comforting and familiar than a dive through the attic of our grandparents. The graphics, textures and colors create a homely vibe that lets us phantasize about periods seemingly full of joy and pleasures. During a time of crisis, which we are experiencing at the moment, the print-trend for retro-geometrics is offering healing qualities and inducing a reassuring and mood-lifting feel to people, who are overwhelmed by loneliness and frustrations.

Dreaming of the 70s, with the enchanting colors, free-spirits and hedonistic life, social and communal experiences and a focus on self and family, seems to be the perfect escape to reality at the moment and for the post-pandemic period. The revival of hyper-geometric patterns and prints is a great way to approach all generations. To the older ones it seems reminiscent of the good old days and the youth will celebrate the retro qualities of this narrative. We can detected several directions of interpretation for this geometrical print trend looking towards the upcoming seasons: classic upholstery checks are infused with statement colors, youthful psychedelic circular and squared patterns are taking the stage, as well as more abstract organic motifs (especially inspired by 70s wallpapers), micro-geometrics are more subtle and commercial and more sophisticated repeats of intertwined motifs are bringing a luxury feel to silk. Adapt this print trend to capture the vibrant spirit of the attic and induce a lively retro tone to your product range. 

1 February 2021