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FW21 Update : Nature’s Blur

The new must-have print

Appreciating the variation that comes with natural dyes, the print trend „Nature’s blur“ elevates the continuous tie-dye trend to a more subtle and sophisticated look. Blurred future translated in blurred prints. Inspiration is taken from the unique patterns and colors that can be found in nature, such as stones and sediments. The result are soft patterns with a poetic nod to nature. In some cases pops of color are added to enhance the organic effect. Shapes are vague and lines are blurred, so that colors are transitioning smoothly into each other. The sizing of those patterns can vary, since the cloudy motifs do not have a definite shape, but rather create an overall hazy effect. This nature-focused print narrative references current consumer sentiments of reconnecting with nature and seeking for purpose and connection.

This print trend works great on dresses, tops, cut-and-sew and loungewear  and presents great potential for natural and sustainable materials and sourcing.