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FW21: Knitwear Trends

Hyper Tactility and Sensuous Qualities.

FW21 is set to be a season for knits. The pandemic’s domestic lives, a new normal, have made comfort a main priority. With knits, the runways have continued to boost the easy, comfortable and soft-to-the-skin qualities of the material. Since the hype surrounding knits has been around for some seasons, designers are looking to take the category to a next level. With new ways of pushing creative boundaries and a fresh drive for innovation, knit is not giving way to a sense of fatigue. On the contrary:

For yarns, patterns and stitches there are some novelties for FW21. Mohair, as a super-soft, long-lasting and well renown fibre, appears to be the new key material. The brushed yarns update basics with a more premium feel or find experimental interpretations colored in bold and joyful tones for a more youthful look. With the season’s predominant focus on texture and surface treatment, crafty and artisanal knits are proposing new sensations of tactility. Irregular knits and chunky yarns affect the feel of wear and additionally enrich visual look. For FW21 jacquard knits are receiving a fresh update that showcases the intricate technique of the stitch.  Design is pushing for more traditional or ethnic styles, retro and retro-futuristic geometric that create an almost hypnotic effect or abstract florals.

How to prevent us from knitwear-fatigue in 2021 Fall/Winter season?

Full knit silhouettes have been dazzling audiences through the screens, inspirng cozy dreams of a reopening world. Knit sets are one of the leading big trends to invest in for FW21. The cozy set has been tracked in 154 shows and shows a solid growth rate of +23%. Instead of sets, full-length, preferably slim-line dresses similarly create that complete knit look and offer transitional day-to-night qualities. The Cardigan is another new must-have, with 238 catwalk features and a growth index of +6%.

More edgy pieces that address a more young and contemporary client, include knit-vests and asymmetric, mono-sleeve knit sweatshirts. Leaning on thrifted-aesthetics, which have become ever more popular with Gen-Z, the nostalgic, slightly worn out knit-vest has experienced a growth rate of +81% compared to FW20.

Let’s dive into all of the new category trends and assess their potential:

Key Knit Qualities

trend up

The Supersoft Mohair

stable trend

Crafty and Artisanal Texture

hot trend

Patterned Knits

Key Pieces

trend up

The Cardigan

hot trend

The Knit Set

stable trend

Full-Length Dress

hot trend

The Knit Vest

hot trend

Asymmetric Jumper


Get your bestsellers ready

These are the top trends for the knitwear category, according to Livetrend data. On the top left you can find the visibility rate, that is the number of outfits that were tracked on the FW21 runways. Then below, you can find the percentage of the style on his category mix on the left and our Livetrend stamp on the right. (Find the definition in the chart on the right)

The craze for comfort continues to drive say-to wear silhouettes, while the desire to add tactility and texture is pushing the research on yarns and stiches. Knitwear is expressing so many trend concept related to this period we are living, translating them in artistic expression, craftmanship, reassuring softness and embracing sophisticated casualness.

Consider full knit silhouettes in textured or mohair knits as the core trends to include within your range. Build you collection plan between soft or textured finish, and definitely give patterns to your statement pieces as cardigans, vest and long dresses. Chunky knits are still big and remember to give them an handmade feel. About stitches, you cannot miss ribs and cable knits, but add openwork and new terry stitches. Softness is another important keyword of the season, to re-think in voluminous furry-like sweater and/or cardigan and tender mohair sets.