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FW21: Key Shoes

A Level Above

For FW21, designers are seeking to provide maximal comfort and easy transitional properties, that work from indoors into outdoors and day to night. For Footwear, Platforms (550 Looks) and Chunky Soles (400 Looks) are the new Must-Have Styles of the season. It seems like the enlarged soles propose a reassuring feel for consumers, suggesting a certain security of not being in direct contact with the ground. Simultaneously, platform styles have a generally more dressy look. With women wanting to show legs again, higher soles elongate the legs visually, while keeping as much ease as possible for the wearer.

Tapping into the idea of dressing for the indoors and outdoors at the same time, furry shoes and sock-boot or sock in sandal styles (132 Looks) are the top trends to follow. Fur details and chunky socks provide a sense of hyper-soft texture that answer to the need for tactility and enable consumers to feel as protected and soothed as possible. 

A more minimalist and classic design, promising a timeless and long-lasting appeal can be found in other trending pieces like the futuristic modular shoe. Whether  heels, boots or sneakers, innovative and reconstructive combinations of materials and a modular construction, usually in geometric shapes, are the foundation of the look. Loafers, especially heeled, are celebrating classic timelessness and serve the current consumer’s less-is-more mindset. Their timeless feel seems to guarantee a more long-term and resistant property in a recessionary phase and add a nostalgic hue.

Take a look at the Highlight Shoes that Livetrend has tracked during the runway season and do not miss on incorporating some of the new it-pieces to boost your range:

Platform Styles


Chunky Boots




Socks in Sandals


Fur Shoe


Early Signs & Edgy Trends

Futuristic Design

Moon-Boot Style

The Trekking Boot


Elevated Footwear

These are the Top trends according to Livetrend data. The Platform Shoes can be named as the BIG TREND of the season. Furry Shoes have turned out to be a highlight for more fashionable brands, as their prominence on the shows and the reactions to the shows are showing. On a more commercial scale, chunky boots remain a stable and strong trend for FW21. However, there are several niche trends that feel more edgy or can be understood as early signs.
Slippers and comfort shoes are another prominent trend from the shows, feeling appropriate for our “new normal” lifestyle, increasing 408% YoY. Overall, flat shoes have gained  +247% in the runway assortment, while heels have been most striking in mules and socks-in-sandal styles.  Knee-high-boots retain their strong visibility and high commercial potential. For the fashionable customers,  moon-boot and trekking styles will be more interesting in within outdoors footwear. Modular Shoes are an example for a more futuristic vision regarding footwear, meanwhile Ballerinas are injecting a sense of romanticism and nostalgia.

On the bottom left you can find the number of outfits that the trend was featured in on the FW21 runways. On the bottom right you can find the information on the trends potential and magnitude. Find the definition of the Livetrend Stamp in the chart on the right.