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Black and White Monochromes

A timeless match is in renewal

For the past seasons, monochromatic design and timeless palettes have enriched collections with more minimalistic yet impactful styles. This trend direction is reaching its peak moment for FW21. Livetrend Technology has tracked 3302 black looks and 1356 white looks on the runways, which turns these two into the leading colors of the season. Monochrome silhouettes are enhancing the language of each color and have been adapted by numerous designers. But black and white are not only impactful  as a standalone. Mixing, opposing and combining black and white in various ways is one of the leading trend-directions of the season. Within geometric patterns or more enlarged and placed designs, black and white graphics are able to translate dimensionality on a surface. As other option,  combining separate pieces in pure black and white within one look is providing contrast and structure to the entire silhouette. All of those adaptations are celebrating the timeless quality off the color-combo while adding a contemporary edge. This season, the looks appear more refined and resonate a sleek, bold and powerful vibe. This overall mood reflects the spirit of the time, the contrasts and unity found within change and the core of the world that remains stable and reassuring.