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FW 21 Trend Story: The Poet Society

The FW 21 Trend Story Poet Society reflects on the current societal sentiments of striving towards more alternative lifestyles and an improved and confident self, post-pandemic. As part of the crisis, a great number of people have begun another schooling career or changed professional paths due to job losses or an extra amount of free-time. As a result, the yearning for education and for feeding the intellect has intensified. Especially the younger generations are drawn to the mystical universes of ancient thinkers and men and women of letters. On TikTok the #darkacademia trend has accumulated more than 575,5 M views already. Next to this desire for education and passion for accumulating new knowledge, the arty aspects surrounding poets is a fundamental driver for this narrative as well. A visible taste for a dramatic and theatrical self-sufficiency has funneled this increasingly growing counter-culture. These new poets are captivated by the literate and creative universe of  intellectuals, which is implying a desire to develop self-expressional and fulfilling skills as well.

For this story, the nostalgic references include a wide array of historical periods, which are layered and mixed to create a more contemporary and surprising interpretation of the poet-narrative. Sleek and expressive, almost conceptually provocative looks, create the sense of an elite, select society, which resonates well with consumers’ desires for recognition and distinctiveness. The story also plays into a more fluid gender story as it combines feminine and masculine elements. This harmonic symbiosis of classical menswear and historic female universes enriches the open-minded spirit of this design direction. Take a look at some of the related trend-pieces and make sure to capture those secret society vibes and smarten-up your product range!

Materials & Textiles


Knits & Jumpers





Outerwear & Coats

Layering and Mix&Match

Expressive Collars


Poetic Intellectuality for FW21

With a retro angle playing out in the textile story, we can see classical tailoring materials, lace, knits, soft florals or brocades and silky fabrics being used to translate the concept into products. The historic references are contrasted with rougher finishings, leather and modern graphics to freshen up the look. Playing with contrast (past-future, male-female, soft-harsh) is the guiding principle for design decisions within this trend. Mix & match styles, reconstructed pieces and layering are key. This alternative approach offers plenty of opportunities to repurpose dead-stock or left-over materials as well and follow a more sustainable production approach.  

The new key garments include historic blouses with ruffles, bows and enlarged sleeve or collar details and new men’s shirt interpretations. Such rather masculine classics are combined with feminine corset-inspired pieces, that feel surprisingly provocative and add a seductive sophistication to the mix. Regarding the norm-core poet uniform, the tailored suit, the variation of updates has no limits here. Comfort-fit and dress-solutions can be used to freshen up simple tailoring styles. The same goes for outerwear, were we can see almost uniformly and austere long coats, next to more relaxed fits and collegiate outerwear. Lastly, the accessories play a major role in creating this new creative intellectual look. Think preppy shoes, hats and head-pieces, broaches, jewels, collars and gloves, applications and badges – all aiming at smartening-up the outfits or adding a historically nuanced statement moment. The Trend Story is adaptable for daywear and evening looks depending on the interpretation. It can be toned down to a more commercial level, by adding preppy elements to best-sellers or fanciful nostalgic details and materials for an intellectual twist. Get poetic and let consumers dream of the club of secret academics and dreamy creatives as well.