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FW21 Trend Story: Parental Advisory









Subcultural Influences

The Trend-Story Parental Advisory captures the influences of various subcultures that induce a more edgy look.  Now, a more confident, seductive yet powerful, womenswear client is looking towards going-out again and showing the world who is in charge post-pandemic. With society being forced to stay inside, sacrificing on social life and spending time on the self, overthinking translates into a feeling of „weltschmerz“ and magnifying feministic energy. People have been forced to question social orders and hierarchic structures during isolation, which caused a sense of rebellion and resentment, combined with a spirit for change, which will carry out even post-lockdown. As a result, aesthetic influences of revolutionary subcultures like the rock, punk and grunge scene are resurfacing. Beware, that this narrative is not about unlawful behaviors towards the health-crisis, but about the general frustration with the current state of the world. 

For womenswear this trend-story translates into animal prints, checks, leather, lingerie details and more masculine garments. Mix & Match aesthetics are key here. With a taste for authentic vintage pieces, that is still experiencing a massive increase, a worn-out feeling and retro character should be safeguarded. This vintage feel can be achieved by a variety of rough finishes like raw hemlines, distressed surfaces, cut-out effects or cold dyes. Remember that the vintage appeal is strong now: +72% of research of vintage clothes on Google from March 2020 and +160% on vintage sportswear, +300% on Seventies clothes and +400% on Nineties styles).
While the story has a very rebellious touch, it can translate into an evening-ready narrative through a more sophisticated edge. Visually, such a contemporary edge is added to the renown subcultural codes through more minimal and sleek interpretations in terms of silhouette and styling. Therefore, the overall feel seems highly fashionable and powerful.

The clash of feminine and masculine can be interpreted through a balancing fabric combination of tulle and satin or sparkly hardware (+32% yoy) with more rigid denims and leather. As Leather continues to be a stable trend (-1% yoy), this material plays an important role for this trend-story, make sure to also check our Leather Update for more information on the key-pieces.