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FW 2021 : Top 10 Coats

Outerwear Comforts

Livetrend technology has traced the Top 10 Must-Have Coats for the upcoming FW21 season. While consumers have skipped on investing in outerwear pieces during the last seasons, the return to a post-pandemic normal is igniting the interest in coats and jackets again. Seeking to make up for missed ski-holidays during the past winter season, it comes as no surprise that the puffer coat is one of the top trends with great commercial potential. Showing a growth index off +25% from the past season, this new key piece combines valuable functionality with a streetwear edge. While the notion towards streetwear is undeniable, we can see some more fashionable adaptions of this piece, incorporating glossy surfaces, intricate quilting or the returning Balenciaga Shoulder amping up this piece and turning the slopes into a space for fashion. Next to the trending fur coat, shearling coats and shearling details are a safe trend highlight for FW21, with a +38% year on year growth rate. The soft fabric qualities offer a feeling of safety and propose a comfort touch on the skin, which consumers are continuing to demand. The uncompromising need for transitional products has also surfaced a great number of updated cocooning and enveloping styles. Ranging from blanket coats, over capes to robe coats. While the literal blanket and poncho adaptions can balance a silky domestic aesthetics, some interpret ancient crafty weaves and knits that reinforce traditional folkloric styles and an interest in culture. 

Mounting Macro-Trends such as a focus on education and culture are surfacing some more classical pieces that nod towards preppy, slightly nostalgic and intellectual universes as well. Bombers and Varsity styles are setting a clear direction for FW21, having increased by +57%, when comparing the number of outfits during the shows with the previous season. Cropped or Oversized styles are inducing a rebellious twist here. Capes and Slimline Tailored Coats are proposing the most timeless pieces which propose a more long-lasting potential. For hesitant consumers that are already prone to the new prep looks, especially after an extensive period nostalgic cottage-core trends, those must-haves provide an elevated solution. With the popularity of matching sets, the majority off outerwear pieces offers potential to bee combined with matching pants and trousers. For new cropped silhouettes and the continuous Shacket-Trend, the possibility of creating up-selling sets provides a wide range of creative adaptions. 

Have a look at all the trends that uplift everyday staples and maximize the wearability, even within the more dressy outerwear-pieces of your assortment!

The Outdoor Puffer


Shearling Coats


Fur Coats


Bomber Jackets


Blanket Coats






Cropped Styles


Robe Coats


FW21 Fashion Show Data

Those top 10 FW21 coats all build on the ideas of offering security to the consumer during the purchase via comfort and purposeful features, while exciting the fashion interests through creativity in volumes, surfaces, contemporary minimal design or innovative prints and fabric treatments. Do not miss out on incorporating these new trends and boost your assortment for FW21.

You can find the number of outfits tracked during the shows on top of the images and the index of growth year on year below on the left. To be able to understand all the data, make sure to check the definition of the Livetrend Stamp. (graphic on the right). This indication will help you to translate the data on the FW21 trends more easily and set on the right trends for your audience.

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