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FW 2021 : Must-Have Pants

Pants: FW21 Key Category

While flamboyant dresses and big fur coats in bold technicolor have provoked some of the more eye catching moments, pants have been able to maintain their continuous rise in assortments and taking some of the dresses share. Trousers represented 22% of the catwalks assortment and they were the piece with the most visibility all over categories.
Wide leg silhouettes have been a big trend for the past season and even for FW21 they maintain their trending status, having been showcased in a total of 951 looks. Not only has their been a taste for roomy long-legged styles, which embrace supreme comfort and ideas of movement and ease, but an increase in refreshing wide-leg cropped Bermuda and Culotte styles has been embraced by a multitude of designers as well. Similarly feeding in to the ongoing demand for elevated comfort-wear are jogger pants with a more premium feel, that propose greater versatility du too their more sophisticated notion. With leggings increasing by +56% compared to the last season we find a pant that offers the non-fuzz second-skin appeal, while offering a multitude of possibilities to be updated into more dressy styles through cut-outs or expressive prints. 

Looking towards some other fresh trends that have been embraced by designers for FW1, leather styles and flared silhouettes are proposing statement-making properties. Their almost uniformly flattering qualities and ability to transition into evening-ready styles easily, especially during times still lead by uncertainty, will satisfy most consumer’s demands. Lastly, Combat and Utility styles have experienced a growth off +45%, which indicates that the outdoors and elevated functionality continue to drive design decisions. With the prospect of returning commute and travel, such functional pieces will propose a more purposeful value and seem to have long-lasting potential. Overall the timeless appeal of most new key pants largely feeds into a changed set of values that puts conscious approaches and durability at the top of the agenda, while driving away from short-term trends that seem disposable the season ahead. 

For FW21 the most relevant pants embrace ease and comfort, while being versatile enough to easily transition into more dressy party-ready styles.

Let’s take a look at the trends in some more detail and explore the data that Livetrend technology has tracked during the shows. Find the definitions of the Trend Radar Stamp at the bottom of the page.

The Wide Leg Shape


New Cropped & Culottes Styles


Time for Leather


Next Level Leggings


Jogger and Comfort Styles


Breakthrough Bermuda


Joyful Flares


Normcore Cargos


FW21 Fashion Show Data

In terms of shapes we can see wide-leg styles still dominating the market, but more fitted designs that feel more dressy re-entering the market. Joyful Flares and Updated Leggings are putting the fun back into trouser categories while jersey-focused comfort and combat styles are maintaining the momentum of form and functional design. Those stable trends are staying in line with consumer’s needs for reassuring products and a recessionary spending pattern, while new shapes and innovative design induce hope and keep the focus on a more positive outlook regarding post-pandemic life.

You can find the number of outfits tracked during the shows on top of the images and the index of growth year on year below on the left. To be able to understand all the data, make sure to check the definition of the Livetrend trend-stamp. (graphic on the right) This indication will help you to translate the data on the FW21 trends more easily and set on the right trends for your audience.

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