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FW 2021 : Key Colors

Colorful Hedonism for FW21

Excite and inspire, reassure and comfort – a lot has been demanded from the colors of this FW21 season. An enchanting technicolor hedonism has introduced a great number of statement looks resonating in bold brights. Their vitamin-boosting qualities not only bring a smile to strangers faces and lift the spirits, but they are equally effective for on-screen purposes. Diving into the leading colors of those super brights, we can highlight passionate reds, which are increasingly popular due to their ability to translate desire and bold expression. Yet the first place with regards to runway presence, pink is the top color, as it was featured in 648 looks. The continuously growing taste for digitally enhanced styles is surfacing acid hues of greens and yellows. These new color hues add a contemporary and youthful feel to assortments and resonate extremely well with a digitally native Gen-Z. While most pastels have given way to those exciting technicolors, lilac is still securing its spot within the Top 10. Due to its refreshing feel and potential to be paired with a number of shades, from orange to green, it was still widely adopted by brands like Givenchy, Jil Sander and Miu Miu. With party-ready attire making statements this season, metallics are a color trend to be reckoned with for FW21. In terms of looks, 331 were dipped in silver and gold, but an increase of rose metallic shades are emerging as a relevant sub-trend here. 

Opposed to all the enchanting hues, neutral shades are continuing to put the focus back on nature and a serene vision of tomorrow as a more mild and harmonious future. Faux-beiges, natural shades that update the beige-trend by inducing hues of blue, roses, buttered yellow and sage, have experienced a growth of +15%.

While this season seemed mainly optimistic, we cannot forget to mention black. Darks have seemed to tint a majority of the runway looks into deep monochrome shadows. However, this season the color black felt more empowering and seductive than resonating an apocalyptic feel, as it did within the previous seasons.

The healing powers of Color-Psychology 

The different crisis-related measures, which will continue to impact our lives during the FW 21 season, are still uncertain. Will we go out again? Celebrate back to school? Or stay confined to our domestic spaces? Regardless of the situation, making wise color choices for your collection will set you up with new best-sellers.

Blacked Out


All the Shades of Pink


Passionate Reds


Nature's Browns


All the Greenery


Neutral Needs


Mellow Yellow


Metallics in Motion


Boosting Oranges


Khaki Concepts


Light Lilacs


Technicolors to vitalize

According to Livetrend’s data, these are the top colors of the FW21 season. Next to the number of looks and index of growth (year on year) you are able to find Livetrend’s Trend Radar Stamp underneath the images on the right. This indication will help you to better understand and translate the data and set on the trends that feel the most right for your Brand.


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