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Fur & Faux Fur

Furry Winter

Furs and fake furs are undeniably a must have of this season. On average, this product family represents 13% of the outerwear offer. Exceeding well down jackets and parkas in this period.
Often plain colour, they do not shy away from animal prints or dyes in bright tones. Black of course is a very present color, but also very important the browns and the light natural tones up to the whites.
A good part of the offer is made of very feminine three-quarter coats, and the other part of jackets, rather rock, zipped or streetstyle with hood.
According to Google Trends, the research of the item “Teddy Coat” has reached record quote in the last three months and the word “fur” is searched for twice as much on the search engine as it is on a coat.