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Shocking Rose

Millennial Pink was only supposed to be the colour of the year. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s actually the colour of the decade.
Come December every year, trend reports are desperate to dethrone pink¬†with the hot new hue. Although when a colour transcends trend status and instead becomes the hallmark of an entire decade, it can’t be treated like a replaceable style whim.
But that’s not to say that there isn’t a new colour ready to have its comeuppance. We’re calling it, the future is fuchsia. But unlike Melodramatic Purples or Gen Z Yellows, fuchsia is not here to topple Millennial Pink. It’s here to embrace it and squeeze it and love it for everything it’s done for femininity and expression. Pink laid the groundwork for a genuine respect for the feminine, now Fuchsia is the brighter and bolder big sister.
Fuchsia represents 13% of the pink assortment. Winter had already seen its arrival in pompa magna and the trend continues this summer next to the pop colours that will liven up the season. Pink represents the 16% of fashion colours just ahead of red, purple and yellow, but after green, which takes the first position with 23%.
In the premium collections, the fuchsia colour is largely used in the accessories. Bags lead with 32%, accessories together account for 53.5% of the fuchsia assortment.