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Trend Story: Open Boudoir House Party

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Festive Season Trend Story

The Couture Shows have presented several looks, which encapsulated the feel of a dreamy boudoir story and ideas of intimate house parties. At the same time, Netflix series like Bridgerton have given rise to a revived interest in taking time to dressing up and developing new beauty and wellness-centered rituals. The general tenor seems to crave the more luxurious and splendid elements related to clothing and getting dressed. The party-scape has shifted from nightclubs to homes, pushing new day-and-night-time patterns to evolve. This narrative understands the current adaptions of cocktail hours within new locations and time frames. The boudoir theme, with its idea of lounging in luxury and celebrating decadence on a daily, evolves on the soothing scope of nostalgia. The theme can be adapted in more mild and subtle ways or through rather eclectic concepts. 

This story of the open-boudoir house party is the perfect match for the next festive-season. Not only influenced by styles from the more distant past, such as the Regency Era, but also by the more tacky and lavish ideas of early 2000s housewives. This theme is adapted to a younger audience too, as it adds a more unexpected and edgy twist. The idea of lounging at cocktail hours combined with a home that has become a hub for everything, demands for flexible and versatile pieces. For this festive and evening-ready trend, get inspired by the coziness of sleepwear and loungewear, the sensual and intimate sentiments of lingerie and a more opulent and decadent femininity that takes us back in time. 

In general, familiar silhouettes, such as pajamas, nightgowns, robes and loungewear are combined with interior and lingerie elements within this trend story. Integrating more sensual elements, whether more trendy or mild, adds the increasing tendency for wearing underwear out and celebrating femininity and body positivity. The silhouettes of your looks can be interpreted according to your aesthetic direction. A more minimalist variation with straight and simplified shapes, for examples tunic type dresses on enlarged pants is one direction. For this more refined style consider sophisticated strap details and rich colors for novelty. The more flamboyant adaption of these new sleep-over styles fuse highly nostalgic yet youthful styles. Therefore, chose soft-volumes, like duvet-style coats and puffy-sleeves or gathers, and oppose them to slimline draped and fluid nightgown shapes. Include hyper-feminine sweet-heart necklines, corsage elements and soft colours.

For all interpretations, the key textiles are silky satins, quilted pieces, jacquards, velvet and lace, as well as sheers and soft knits. Consider flamboyant trims such as feathers, floral embroideries, pearls and beads and jewelry embellishments. Accessories are very important for this narrative as well: soft volume pouches, head-pieces, slippers, vintage-mules and slides are the top picks. In order to enhance them with a more romantic feel, add feathers, fur and jewellery details here as well. Do not miss the opportunity to bring this dreamy story to your festive assortment and let your consumers dream of lavish parties of the past and the future.