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Fall 19 Global Analysis

Global Assortment

Let's analyze the beginning of Fall Winter 2019-20 collections about the ten most successful premium brands in France. These brands have already delivered 400 skus on average, but some brands are already between 730 and 1400 skus, of which 31% is represented by accessories.

RTW Segmentation

Dresses are the most percentage of the season, representing 22% of the rtw. Just after come Tops & Shirts at 16% and knitwear at 13%, and this category will be evolving soon. Then t-shirts 12%, trousers 10%, outwear 8%, skirts 7%, blazers 6% and jeans 4%. So knitwear, outwear and skirts are the category that increase the most compared to pre-fall.

Accessories Segmentation

Small accessories are at 34% including belts, scarfs, clocks, eyewear, gloves, hats and parfums. Bags are 30% of the offer, followed by footwear at 22% and bijoux 14%. Small accessories are the category that add more quantity compared to pre-fall.

Global Colour Palette

To analyse properly colour range, let's divide commercial tones from fashion colours. but let's keep pourcentage referred on the global collection. Black is predominant in the colour range with 29%. Whites and neutrals are 19%, blues 16% and red is in front of greys which are 5%. Still many light colors affect the palette for a few full summer capsules that are not yet on sale.
For fashion colours, it should be noted that metallic tones, with gold in first place, are important this early season. They account for 6% of the global palette. Followed by pink and green, both at 4%. Then there are the browns, which continue to be very important in the colour ranges of the collections. Followed by yellow, purple and khaki. Yellow is decreasing, purple is holding the average and khaki will surely grow on winter. The orange in clear decrease to leave room for more caramel tones.<br /> Fashion colours represent 24% of the total range, while classics are 76%.

Fabrics & Composition

Concerning fabrics, there are many knits so also ribbed are predominant, because used also for many finishings. Veiled are still 10% as georgettes, leathers and faux leather are 8% as cottons. Blended are rising, as usual in this period. Lace stays at 7%. Very important are the shiny fabrics, already 5% in this period of the year.

Analysing compositions, cottons are still 23%. Natural fibres are half of the offer (46%) , with viscose at 14% and then wool 5% obviously increasing and silk decreasing at 5%. Polyester is 18%, increasing 2 points compared to summer and polyamide is 2%. Genuine leather represents 12%. To highlight that: 6% of the fabrics are embroidered, 4% are pleated and 2% are jacquards. Another interesting informations are that 59% of jeans are washed.

Prints & Patterns

The animal print is probably still the strongest pattern of the new season. It represents 33% of the fancy offer. Then the flowers at 18% and the stripes at 15%. The plaids are increasing and still a seasonal pattern (11%) with tweeds, prince of wales and chevrons, which together represent 10%. The paisley is appearing in several brands. Like the scarf print that resists, with new interpretations.
According to Google Trends, the animal print loses interest with the consumer, probably because of his strong presence in the market. Instead, we notice that the crocodile pattern is rising in strength, especially in the accessories.

R-T-W Price Architecture

An interesting evolution of category pricing compared to pre-collections. Average prices have decreased overall for ready-to-wear. Price ranges have widened. Call prices have fallen and several key pieces of the collection have raised exit prices. The price architecture of the collection is taking shape. The lowest price is 30€ for a t-shirt and six categories out of eleven have an entry price of around 60€. Maximum prices are well over 1000€ for special products such as dresses or blazers. The most expensive piece is an outerwear that is at 2750€. Overall, the average price of the pieces in the collection is 212.36€.

Accessories Price Structure

Regarding the accessories of this autumn-winter 2019, bags represent 30% of the assortment. The entry price is 17€ for small leather goods and the maximum price is 995€ for a bag. Footwear represents 22% of the accessories offer and its price range goes from 97€ to 950€. The small accessories are at 34% and their average price is 102€. Bijoux are not sold by all affordable luxury brands and represents 14% of global offer. Their price ranges from 25€ to 375€.

Details Analysis

Thanks to our technology we can analyze the details of the FW19 garments. The main trend is belted items, like coats, jackets and pants. Waist is certainly a focus point of the silhouette of the season. An other example is that 36% of pants and skirts are high waisted. Then ruffles are still fashionable and pleats are very important detail, above all for pants. 3,4% of r-t-w collection has gathering and 3% elastic details or tapes, decidedly decreasing compared to summer collection. Rhinestones, beads and stone are taking over studs, they add a touch of glamour at FW19 pieces. Slits and smocks are other style details that enhance femininity, meanwhile top-stitching and patch pockets are more utilitarian and casual.

Sleeves Analysis

Concerning sleeves, it is interesting to notice that even if is beginning of September, long sleeves are 53% of assortiment. Then come short ones at 26%, and 3/4 at 14%. Sleeveless are just 8% of product offer.

About fancy sleeves, puffed one are absolutely the protagonist of the season. Adopted by influencers and customers, they represent 30% of fancy sleeves. Then comes raglan at 17% and large sleeves. Dropping down shoulder is still trendy with 10% of sleeves. Ruffled, kimono, flared and gathered sleeves are decreasing due to seasonal reason, remaining principally on knitwear.

Necklines Analysis

Crew neck and v-neck are sharing the top position with 22% each. Fashionable brands are starting to balance the necklines in favor of more feminine and sexy styles. Shirts are still very trendy representing 10%. Square collar isn't to forget. Even if in much smaller quantities, it is the big come back of the past season. It will continue to design necklines of knitwear, tops and dresses, of fashionable clothes of the season.

Ask for Custom Report

This analysis is done by collecting data on the e-commerce websites of ten most successful affordable luxury brands in France. It includes: Ba&sh, Claudie Pierlot, Iro, Liu-Jo, Maje, Sandro, Tara Jarmon, The Kooples and Zadig&Voltaire. The data is double checked, before and after analysis, to ensure reliable and relevant data. Ask for tailored analysis of your direct competitors or compared analysis with your brand collection at hello@livetrend.co

10 September 2019