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Fall 19 Outerwear Analysis

Outerwear Assortment

Let's analyze the Outerwear of Fall Winter 2019-20 collections of the ten most successful premium brands in France. These brands have already delivered 500 skus globally that represent 10% of entire collection. Outerwear represents the most significant deliveries of the week with the knitwear.


The most important family for the French market is undoubtedly the coat. It represents 47% of the offer. Then the jackets at 14% and the furs & faux-furs at 13% leave only 26% for the rest. This one is composed mainly of down jackets (9%), then parkas (7%) and finally trench coats (3%) overtaken this season by a rising sub-family: capes & ponchos (5%).

Last but not least the windbreakers (2%), which have established themselves as an essential street-wear to mix with the city wardrobe.

Italian brands present different proportions more relevant for down jackets to the disadvantage of coats

Best Colours

Beiges and Camels are very popular colours and they are rising up to blues and greys. Even browns are more present than last seasons. Bright colours are still present in the collection. The most popular is red then you can find touches of fuchsia, orange, mustard and violet.

Global Colour Palette

Black is predominant in the colour range, then come the natural tones and the blues. Browns have surpassed the grays with surprise. Then another one with the whites in sixth position, in front of the khakis. Italian brands have many more white items for sure, like puffers, but many leather jackets and fur & faux-furs are presented in different shades of white for various brands. Then comes Khakis, popular on parkas and trenchs.

Prints & Patterns

Checks are the best pattern of the season for Outerwear. It represents 39%. Then comes classical motifs like herringbones, prince of Wales or houndstooths, that all together are 15% of the pattern offer. The third position is for animal print, still very popular. Then at 11% tweeds, plain or checked, this pattern is popular for jackets and for coats. Then you can find embroidered motifs, classical stripes or bold horizontal waved stripes. Floral patterns are represented by placed motifs, embroideries or details, and sometimes used for linings.

Price Range

Analyzing the price structure of the Outerwear, we see that average price is 457€. Coats and Jackets can reach the higher prices, but coats and trenchs are the most expensive product on average. Lowest entry prices are for ponchos, a good alternative to capes, those ones more built and therefore more expensive. Then the lowest price is certainly the price of the light down jacket, which is 89€. The most expensive entry price is the trench coat which is €325, almost €100 more than the entry price of a coat and €75 more than the parka.

Details Analysis

The most commonly used supply details are certainly pipings 26% and zips 24%, if we exclude buttons which are often more functional than decorative.
The most common style details are the 19% hoods and 18% belts, then the slits and shoulder pads. For the latter no exaggerations, as can be seen in street-style photos or in more stylish brands.
Pockets are another important detail. Lots of pocket flaps on the parts, more than the piping visible. The plated pockets, on the other hand, take over the more trendy pieces.

Best Sub-Category : Coats

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This analysis is done by collecting data on the e-commerce websites of ten most successful affordable luxury brands in France. It includes: Ba&sh, Claudie Pierlot, Iro, Liu-Jo, Maje, Sandro, Tara Jarmon, The Kooples and Zadig&Voltaire. Ask for tailored analysis of your direct competitors or compared analysis with your brand collection at hello@livetrend.co

9 October 2019