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Elevated Basic Tops

It’s all in the necklines 

Elevate your basics and create new best-selling pieces. Livetrend technology has detected an influx of innovative necklines in the basic segments: tops, tees, long-sleeves and other jersey pieces. With over-the-keyboard-dressing, a focus on tops and necklines, that has become a new norm as home office and zoom calls has hit the status of new normal, it comes as no surprise that the upgrading details all focus around the necklines. We see layering, cut-outs, pleats, drapes, metal pieces all aiming at proposing increased value to the basics. And do not forget the necklines in the back, which propose a great canvas for innovative creativity. Opt for super-soft materials, organic cottons, fine rib structures to accentuate the luxe feel and reassuring quality of those new key pieces. To give a more youthful edge to those contemporary basics, look towards bold colors and more exaggerated cut-out elements.