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Instagram Update: Early Signal Trends

All about Authenticity!

The pandemic has changed the landscape of instagram: Differences are clear, paid influencer posts are down, usage is up, but what else is changing? With consumers spending more time on social media and challenging their values, they are now expecting greater levels of authenticity and involvement. This demand translates into an increase of smaller and niche brands gaining momentum. The faster spread of those smaller and more forward-looking fashion labels and styles has surfaced a great number of emerging trends that might feel more edgy and fashionable but answer to peoples’ desires to embrace greater authenticity and a stronger identity on screen.

A lot of those early bird instagram trends are related to the new home hub and a more explicit idea of showing the outside world what is happening on a more intimate scale. Products related to underwear or nightwear come as no surprise in front of this macro-sentiment. Other influences on those emerging key pieces are resurfacing ideas and questions regarding gender stereotypes. Tights, bra-elements and sheerness are highlighting the feminine body here without objectifying it but by empowering it. 

The reminiscent taste for the quirky 2000s and their seemingly overpowering expression of femininity and hedonistic living is translating into an aesthetic influence on several of the key pieces. Especially with low-waists, crops and the almost tacky furry cardigans. However, those pieces demonstrates the escape towards seemingly better days in a not so distant past and the hope for a not so distant brighter future. 

Take a look at the top emerging trends and make sure to integrate or push them as statement pieces within your assortment.

Emerging Trend-Pieces

Sensual High-Cut Body

Cozy Knit Romper

Flashback 00s Fur Cardigan

Barely-There Sheer Pants

Strapped & Wrapped Tops

Long-sleeved Bra-Blouse

Boyfriend Underwear

Layered Corsets

Statement Tights

Embrace the Novelties

Livetrend technology has tracked the rise of bodies, second-skin knit rompers, statement tights and boyfriend underwear sets as some of the key-pieces related to this idea. Those garments combine the feeling of coziness and comfort with enhanced desires to express sensuality, femininity and intimacy. One of the boldest pieces, the corset, is adding an even more explicit nod towards undergarments and sexiness.

The strong increase towards celebrating an early 2000s-type of empowering femininity is similarly depicted within the rise of sheer pants, strappy and wrapped tops or a new blouse highlight with the hemline reminiscent of a bra. The most nostalgic of all: cardigans with furry details. The latter evoke nostalgic images of Britney and Paris Hilton and are emblematic for the quirky mood of the New Millennium, ic which the social-media leading Millenials and Gen-Z are pushing as an era to escape to. For the womenswear market the turn towards taking action and celebrating womanhood is a clear direction developing now and expected to gain even more momentum post-pandemic. Channel this new wave of bold and reassured females and push the spirit and products related to confident and strong women within your range.

Make sure to check the Report on Instagram’s Trending Confirmation & Key Products to make sure you get your assortment set-up with best-sellers before introducing some more edgy and emerging pieces. Also take a look at the trending Materials & Textiles to make your new statement pieces a safer bet.