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Denim Trend: Pieced Together

Piece by Piece

Patchwork is an increasingly popular denim aesthetic, due to our current environmental concerns. Recycling dead-stock and addressing zero-waste concerns create A more youthful take on this up cycling style is given via self-expression and creativity as in reworked silhouettes or material mixes as BSides or Frame are showing.  There are numerous other possibilities to achieve this trending patchwork look: simply attaching two parts of a garment like Heron Preston does, or more subtle by adding on contrasting denim details such as pockets or collars. Create asymmetric looks, paneling looks and pieced looks as there is no creative limit for the denim-patchwork-trend.  The make-do-and-mend narrative is fueling into consumer’s recessionary and environmental conscious mindset. Make sure to tap into this trend to fulfill your and your consumer’s sustainability concerns and be purposeful while creative. Also consider circular systems, which will make you profit from items even after they are sold.