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Shell Micro-Trend

Summer Detail

The summer is quickly approaching and this time of year conjures up visuals of warm beaches, tropical getaways, and boho surfer chicks with shell and beach influenced jewellery and accessories. This  is a micro-trend to watch while moving into 2019. 
However, unlike the surfer strands of the 00s, the 2019 update can be luxurious embellishing wide caftans of Moroccan inspiration or white dresses and tops, more island Goddess than surfboard chic.
This season, consumers will see brands offering an array of necklaces, rings, earrings, hair accessories, bags, shoes and cloths details  featuring delicate petite cowries, puka shells, pearls, and gold sculptural pieces shaped like seashells.
There are plenty of delicate necklaces and bracelets or small bags and clutches available that will add a subtle beachy vibe to any outfit.