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Summer Checks

Long Lasting Trend

Check patterns are still a trend this spring. They represents 6% of collection prints. The designs are brighter and can be mixed with pastels or more colourful touches. Goodbye the wools and here are the polyviscoses and the mixed linens.
According to our analyses, checks are a phenomenon that is of greater interest in France. A classification in this country, by number of searches according to Google trends, sees the trousers are the most popular check piece. Pants have twice the demands compared to the jackets. And this product is researched for two times more than skirts and dresses that are respectively in third and forth position.
In our analyses we see that the assortments of the premium collections are dominated by skirts (19%), followed by jackets (14%) and coats (14%), dresses, trousers and shorts (respectively 10% each). It can be deduced from this that jackets are often offered in a set with skirts, trousers or shorts.
This is a long-lasting trend that started with a rather masculine and classic style in January, becoming more of a white background grid pattern in March.
The streetstyles confirm that the trend has been adopted and the catwalks announce that the wave is continuing this winter as well.