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Cargo Pants

Back to 90s Bests

If there’s one trend winning over fashion girls everywhere this season, it’s unquestionably the utility trend. It is has been flooded with patch pockets, shades of khaki, and jumpsuits, and that’s all thanks to the abundance of utilitarian pieces that were all over the spring runways of designers like Fendi and Givenchy.
Pockets is the fifth most detected word in the product sheets after buttons, belt, zip and ruffles.
Cargo pants are up by 266% in the last two months and they’re only going to climb further.
Obviously, this isn’t the first time cargo pants have become a fashion hit were big fans back in the 90s They may conjure up images of ’90s girl bands, from – All Saints and Spice girls to Gwen Stefany but 2019 version is not the low-slung trousers of yesteryear. Whether you channel modern minimalism or ’90s grunge, you ought to be adding cargo pants to your collection. There are many interpretations of this product. The classic cargo is still hot, but you can see style variations depending on the soul of the brand: more sporty with the jogger cargo or more city-chic with the cargo trouser, that the working girl wears with a blazer and heel to go to the office.