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Trend Alert: Balaclava Culture

The Knitted Next Head-Piece

A balaclava is a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only part of the face, usually the eyes and mouth. The name comes from the Battle of Balaclava, during the Crimean War of 1854, referring to a town where British troops there wore knitted headgear to keep warm. Handmade balaclavas were sent over to the British troops to help protect them from the bitter cold weather but never arrived in time.
The balaclava, a simple ski accessory in vogue since the mid-1960s, has evolved more underground and into a counterculture, taking on symbolic meanings reminiscent of the masks of primitive and shamanic cultures. This headgear is very popular among the military, sportsmen (such as pilots or wrestlers), and recently, because of Pussy Riot, among radical punk feminists and all those who support them.
Recently, famous brands as Gucci and Calvin Klein start bringing this headpiece back in fashion (2018), giving the first signal of interest for new interpretations of this accessory.
During FW21 fashion shows, balaclava show 87% of growth compared to FW20, declaring that the balaclava season has arrived. This must-have perfectly fits with the knit trend and the ski-inspired pieces that is going to invade our Instagram feed. Without mentioning that balaclava can be interpretated as a new face mask.