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SS19 Collection Global Analysis

Global Colour Assortment

Black remains always the first choice, followed by classic colours such as blue, white and naturals. Then comes the green, which represents 8% of the colours. Next come the metallic ones, which continue to be a strong trend of the season. Just after that, pinks come in at 6%, followed closely by reds. Then grey, brown and purple. The yellow announced as a big seasonal trend, from a quantitative point of view represents only 2%. Green and metallic colours remain the most prominent colours in the collections, while browns, violets and yellows are much lower in quantity. However, these colours are shown and put forward in shop windows, stores and e-shops, thanks to be announced trends. Pink, on the other hand, has definitely become a commercial colour. We detect it by the quantity presented in the collections which is equal to a commercial colour such as red. Greens are presented in many shades. From a quantitative point of view, in April the khakis climbed to first place, smashing the average greens that had become dominant in the previous months. About pinks, we found that bright, bold pink colours are much more present than past seasons and indeed fuchsia is present in 13% of the pink palette. The earthy tones are very fashionable and much more important than last summer. Warm tones such as caramel remain the browns of the moment, representing 28%. For purples, it is interesting to notice that after the bright tones of ultraviolet, lillac is distinguishing, representing 36% of violets.

Global Assortment

The global assortment of collections presents the dresses in first position with 23%, followed by t-shirts with 13%, trousers with 11%, knitwear with 11%, tops with 10%, shirts with 9%, skirts with 6%, jackets, outerwear, jeans with 5% and jumpsuits with 2%.For accessories, the global assortment consists of 11% jewelry, 24% shoes, 30% bags and 35% small accessories. These last ones are represented at 33% by scarves, then 22% by belts, 15% by gloves and caps, 8% by sunglasses, 7% by watches, 5% by hats, 4% by socks, 6% by various accessories.

Price Architecture

About prices, analyzing average prices, tailoring is the most expensive category. Then comes outerwear at 345€, then jackets at 313€, jumpsuits at 254€, dresses at 243€, footwear at 226€, trousers 197€, bags 193€, skirts 180€, knitwear 177€, jeans 162€, shirts 155€, tops 150€, t-shirts 93€.

Sleeves Analysis

The proportions of the sleeve lengths give a predominance of long sleeves, due to the jackets and outerwear that affect the average. Short sleeves are 33%, followed by three-quarter sleeves and finally sleeveless are 9% of the total. As for the fancy sleeves, the trend is certainly supported by the quantitative proportions. The puff sleeve is in first place with 41%, then followed respectively by the wide and/or flared sleeves at 16%. In third place the raglan with 10%. This season, the gathered sleeves are worth noting, rising to 8%. The oversize trend brings the dropped sleeve down to 7%. While the sleeves with ruffles fall to 7%, showing that we are about to end a trend, which has saturated the collections.

Neckline Analysis

The result of the neckline analysis highlights the majority of round necks. For several seasons now, they seem untouchable. But V-necks have increased exponentially, expressing a new desire for femininity. Another information to highlight is the return of square necklines. In proportion, the trendiest dresses and tops have square necklines and puffed sleeves.

A new desire of femininity is emerging

A semantic analysis of the product sheets revealed that the most used word to describe the style of the garments is: feminine. It is not by chance that the word fluid and chic follows.
As adjectives of style we found in the order: romantic, sport, retro, decontracté, rock, casual, classic, bohemian, folk, masculine, western and military.

This analysis is based on a sample of premium brands, targeting a trendy 30/40 year old urban woman and made before discounts and sales.
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30 April 2019